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Quartzsite, Arizona

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Today's issue of Desert Messenger now online

The current issue of the Desert Messenger, "Quartzsite's FREE Community Paper" is now available to read online at

So much has been said about Quartzsite and the political atmosphere, but very little is being shared about what actually is going with our community. Outsiders say we are all living in fear, but that's not how it appears on the street. Even Mrs. Jennifer Jade Jones said in court Monday that she is "living with concern, not in fear". I believe that statement may be shared by many.

The Senior Center is open throughout the summer, serving up delicious lunches for only $3. Salvation Army and the Quartzsite Community Thrift Stores are very busy with deals galore! The Food Bank always needs donations to help residents eat healthy. Isaiah 58 Project serves up delicious food to the hungry. There's a few restaurants that stay open during the summer and folks are enjoying their meals. Gas station prices have lowered a bit over the past few days. Many residents are off visiting family and friends in cooler areas of the country, taking a break from the summer heat.

Headlines on the front page are, "Quartzsite makes national news!" and Best of Quartzsite!"
There's a great story about one woman's planned ride to recovery on page 3. 

Pages 4 & 5 are full of letters to the editor.
On Page 6, Voices from the Past, a column by Rosalee Oldham Wheeler, shares another piece of history of Arizona's State Flag.
Page 7 has photos of the famous Dustball Rally drivers enjoying a break at Silly Al's Pizza.
Info on a Community Fun Day planned for Sat. Aug. 13th at the park and other events begin on page 8. 

Be sure to save the dates of Oct. 1 for a plant sale fundraiser for Hi Jolly Cemetery.

On October 29th, the Hi Jolly Cemetery is hosting a "Spirit Walk" at the Cemetery as part of the Arizona Centennial celebration. Members of the community will be "Spirits" of Quartzsite's past and telling stories as visitors walk through the cemetery. The huge project taken on by the Cemetery Board should be very entertaining and educational.

The Quartzsite Business Chamber is creating a new publication all about Quartzsite planned to be published in October. Advertising rates and details can be learned by calling the chamber at 928-927-9321.

Paw Power's Animal Shelter will be closing on October 1st, while they raise funds to relocate. Read Roger Williams' letter on Page 9.

Quartzsite attracts many food vendors during the season, so the schedule for Food Handlers Classes can be found on Page 11. 

There is also a protest of Blythe's Solar project planned for Sat. Aug. 13th. More info on Page 11.

The County Assessor has two articles in this issue along with a recent press release that came late. Page 11 & 14 contain information necessary for homeowners. 

Obituaries are on Page 12-13, along with more community information.

On Page 14, you'll find a column written by Coach Louise on the importance of the "Giveaway".

On Page 15, a new addition to the Desert Messenger, is "Quirky Quartzsite's Perspectives" written by contributing author, Violet Kiss. She interviewed many local business owners and shares her "perspective". 

Page 16 contains information on local church services.

On Page 17, you'll find one of the two "Coupons" in this issue, for our elementary students. During the summer, Desert Messenger, in cooperation with Quartzsite Elementary School's Behavioral Coach, has published coupons focusing on the 6 Pillars of Character. Parents & community partners are asked to be on the lookout for students showing these characters and acknowledge them through these coupons. The 6 Pillars of Character are: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship.

On Page 18 Contributing author, Beth Praast educates readers on how to deal with Feral Cats in our community. Arizona has a huge problem with Feral Cats. When the issue came before Health and Development Board, they decided to educate the community through these articles.

Page 19 tells stories of our community volunteers and one particular "Food Bank Angel"! Gotta check it out, for we have many incredibly giving people in our community.

Page 20 is the famous Puzzle Page.

Astrologist Barbara Lee's column, "Astrological Perceptions" is on page 21.

On Page 22 is Paul Winer's cartoon and Classifieds are on Page 23.

Quartzsite is a diverse community and this issue shows it. I hope you enjoy reading it. The papers will be delivered to about 60 locations in and around Quartzsite today!


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