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Quartzsite, Arizona

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quartzsite Liberty Festival planned for Aug. 27th

Quartzsite Liberty Festival is being planned by Oath Keepers, Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots, and other organizations on Saturday, August 27th. The event will include a march to Town Hall, speeches and entertainment. According to Stewart Rhoades, "This event will be an historic stand for honor, courage, and oath keeping, and will serve as an example of what MUST happen across American to restore our Republic."
"Oath Keepers considers the Quartzsite saga to be a vital pivot point on which small-town America shall awaken to the encroachment of corruption and violation of rights from Federal levels downward into our local communities and our daily lives across the nation. This muster and march shall send forth a clarion call to the American people to restore the Republic from the bottom up, starting with their local communities. The muster will support and protect the whistleblowers in seats or positions of government power, and will applaud the courage and integrity of the Quartzsite Ten in standing up to unjust use of power by no longer being willing to follow un-Constitutional, and therefore unlawful, orders. Oath Keepers across America, our supporters, cooperating groups, friends, concerned citizens, are invited and requested to march with us in Quartzsite."

The Oath Keepers released a press release with the following information.

Oath Keepers will muster, along with the Sons of Liberty Riders, the Sons of Liberty, the Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots, the Campaign For Liberty, and numerous other patriot/Constitutionalist groups, in support of the Quartzsite Ten - the ten officers of the Quartzsite, Arizona, Police Department who have blown the whistle and leveled allegations of corruption against the Chief of Police of Quartzsite in written documents. See

The Quartzsite Liberty Festival will also support the concerned citizenry of Quartzsite, local activists such as grass-roots journalist Jennifer 'Jade' Jones, and the town Mayor, the Honorable Ed Foster (a Marine veteran), who have stood up for the free speech rights of the citizens. This non-partisan Festival will include a banner and flag march, and we are expecting thousands of marchers. The "Quartzsite Liberty Festival" is slated for August 26, 27, 2011, in Quartzsite, Arizona.

Friday, August 26, 2011:
Folks who plan on staying at Vito's RV park are welcome to start arriving there any time after noon on the 26th. To reserve a camping spot, call Vito at (928) 916-0556
Informal meet and greet at 7pm at Vitos, on the 26th.

Saturday, August 27, 2011:
Muster 8:30 a.m. at Vito's RV Park (see below)
March starts at 10:00 a.m. Be early to line up please.
10am: March to town hall.
At Town Hall: Twenty-minute ceremony to honor the Quartzsite Ten, Jennifer Jade Jones, and Mayor Ed Foster
11:00 am: March back to Vito's RV Park.
1:00 - 4:00 pm: Speeches at Vito's, w/Live broadcast from Ernest Hancock
4:00 pm: Barbeque and cook out dinner (Bring food, pot-luck style. Something to throw on the grill, chips, side dishes, bread, sodas and other drinks, etc.)

After dinner, bands will play (including Jordan Page) into the evening, and we will have fun 'til?
Arizona Oath Keepers - Contact Mike Frye: phone -- 623-521-3612
Oath Keepers Board of Directors - Contact Elias Alias phone -- 406-285-6597

Press/Media contact Elias Alias -- 406-285-6597

Sons of Liberty Riders - Wendy Schops - webpage:

Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots - webpage:

Vito's RV Park & Rice Ranch RV Park -- Tent and sleeping bag camping (full service facility) $7/night
(928) 916-0556

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