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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blythe, CA Solar Project on hold- Indigenous people's letter of thanks

On Aug. 13th a group of tribal elders gathered for ceremony on the land slated for the world's largest solar plant near Blythe, California. Within a week, Solar Trust announced the abandoning of its plans to use solar thermal technology and will switch to the less expensive and less complex photovoltaic.

For the full story, read the Desert Sun's article by K. Haufman at:

The following letter from Alfredo Acosta Figueroa, of La Cuna de Aztlan, was released today in gratitude for the support of their efforts.

Dear Defenders of Mother Earth & Sacred Sites,

We would like to thank each and every one of you for all your wonderful cooperation and great sacrifice that you did in participating with us in the Spiritual Gathering that took place on August 13, 2011 in La Cuna de Aztlan.

On the day of the event Aztec Danzantes came as far from Ventura, Los Angeles, San Diego, Escondido, Aguanga, Needles, and Palm Desert, California as well as Yuma Arizona and Tecate Baja California, Mexico. Also we would like to thank the two video producers that filmed our gathering and which videos will be seen all over the world.

During the gathering at the giant twin geoglyphs of Kokopilli & Cicimitl the Peace & Dignity Journey staffs were exchanged and bless. These geoglyphs represent the ending of a Sun and the beginning of the New Knowledge. Cicimitl is the ending which takes the spirits to their final resting place at Topock Maze (Mictlan) which its location is Magnetic North (beginning from the Mule Mountains “Calli” in the south). Kokopilli is leaving because he is hurt “koko” and he is leaving to start a new beginning.

As we all know, August 13 is one of the hottest days of the year however, on this day we had an overcast which made the event pleasant for all. We had the Creators Blessing, “He who has no name, yet has all the names,” because one of the Creators name is “Tloque-Nahuaque,” “Among all we do all for the benefit of all, like the fingers on the hand, different sizes and shapes, separate and close yet joined all together in the palm of the hand.” This is why the Creator put us on this earth, to be guardians and not destroyers.

In this letter we would also like to give historical reference to August 13, 1992 which was the first Peace & Dignity Journey here in Blythe, Ca. When the Peace and Dignity Journey runners came down following the Pacific Coast route, they entered California. They went down the coast through San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. A tributary route would pass through San Bernardino, California following Interstate-10, passing through Blythe, California and meeting with the main route again in Phoenix, Arizona.

When La Escuela de la Raza Unida Support Committee first heard that one of the Peace and Dignity stops was going to take place here in Blythe on August 13 we became very excited. As we know, this day is the most Sacred day of the year. The 13th of August, is the thirteenth day of the thirteenth month in the eighteenth month, on the 20-day solar calendar as shown on the Azteca Sun Stone Calendar. The 13th month is called “Teotleco” meaning “the Coming of the Energies, the Great Spirit.”

On August 12, the runners arrived in Desert Center, California where they were welcomed by members of the five Colorado River Reservations. Donna and Larry Charpied of the “Stop the Eagle Mountain Dump Organization,” were the hosts of the event.

The runners left the following morning on August 13, at sunrise after receiving blessings from the Elders. We were very concerned because August 13 is one of the hottest days of the year, and we did not know if the runners would be able to run the 48-mile journey to Blythe in 110 degree heat. As a precaution, we had the Blythe Ambulance following them throughout the route.

However, around 8:00 am, a heavy overcast appeared and lingered throughout the day making it pleasant for the runners to continue onto Blythe. In fact some of the runners ran all the way without relaying with others. We knew then that the creator, Ometéotl, was looking over us and had given us a special blessing. As we now know, Desert Center is one of the most Sacred Sites as recorded in the Azteca Sun Stone Calendar.

Once the runners arrived in Blythe, there was a large crowd of people awaiting their arrival at Todd Park. Representatives from all the reservations and City Mayor Tom Farrage, were there to welcome and honor them with a City of Blythe Resolution, which proclaimed August 13, 1992 as “Peace and Dignity Journey Day,” in Blythe, California.

The Run coincided without deliberate planning with this historical day, August 13th which was the date Cuauhtémoc was captured in 1521, which is the most sacred day of the year for the indigenous people.

The runner’s route that passed through Blythe reenacted the hundreds of indigenous migrations that had come and gone, for thousands of years, to and from the Colorado River, as well as the last Mexica Migration that took place in 1160 AD (as shown in the Boturini Codex). As the Mexica before them, they left the Colorado River, and took their knowledge of the Mexica Creation Story all the way to Mexico/ Tenochtitlan.

At the end of the Peace & Dignity Journey at Teotihucan on October 12, 1992, all the staffs and other scared objects were put together in bundles to later take them to Ixcateopan, Guerrero were Cuauhtémoc’s remains are located. Afterwards, they would be taken to the different indigenous gatherings as a symbol of remembrance of how our Knowledge Keepers brought with them their Bundles of Knowledge to the Valley of Anahuac from La Cuna de Aztlan on the Colorado River.

In order to allude to our Mexica Cosmic Traditional culture we explained in our flyer, the significance of the “Perseid-Meteor Shower,” which is the cosmic duality of August 13. The meteor shower emanates from a point near the border of the Perseus & Cassiopeia constellations. The meteor showers represent the coming of the energies from the 4-directions and centers.

In Mexico City the Nahua Families build pyramids called “Teotihuacan” meaning “The Coming of the Gods.” They build the pyramid of the Moon, Sun, Quetzalcoatl and the Earth Temple in honor of August 13, “Perseid-Meteor Shower.” This is why Cuauhtémoc the last Tlatoani (Spokesperson) of the Confederation of Anahuac fought despite all odds until August 13, 1521 against the Spanish invaders because it was the most important day of the year. On this day Cuauhtémoc gave his last decree that stated “Our Sun has gone from our Vision and has left us in total darkness, but we know that it will return and shine upon us again.”

On another note, during the week of August 19, 2011 two articles came out in the Riverside Enterprise and The Desert Sun Newspapers. The headings in these articles read “Solar developer will forgo $2 billion loan guarantee” and “Massive Solar Projects on hold.” In addition, the Pechanga Tribe from Temecula, California is sponsoring a State Bill by Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal (Democratic Party). According to the article, “The amended measure prohibits quarries within 2,000 yards of an Indian reservation, 5,000 yards of a Native American scared site.”

Likewise, Eldred Enas, Chairman of the Colorado River Indian Tribes will be having a special meeting with the representatives of La Cuna de Aztlan Sacred Sites Protection Circle to discuss the possibility of joining the lawsuit against the Solar Power Projects.

As we explained before, the time was measured by the Pleiades rising to its zenith every 52-years. The last time this occurred was November 14, 2003, which terminated the 5th Sun and the Era of Piscis and we are now in the 9-year transition from 2003-2012 to the beginning of the Era of Aquarius as explained in the Aztec-Mayan Sun Stone Calendar.

As you are able to see, all our struggles are coming to together. For this reason, I would highly recommend the book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man,” by John Perkins. In this book Perkins talks about how government officials work for the Capitalist Wall Street Companies and not for the people which is similar to what Obama, Ken Salazar, Jerry Brown and Assemblyman Manuel Perez are currently doing in destroying our scared sites for the profit of Solar Companies. So please help us contact, President Obama (202) 456-1111to stop further destruction of our sacred sites!

Thank you once again for all your support, we all know this event was a huge success and everyone who attended is motivated to continue the struggle in preserving our scared sites for future generations.

Desde la Cuna me Despido, que el Padre Sol y la Madre Tierra siempre los ampare.

Ixtli Yollotl “Your profile & heart reveals your character”

Alfredo Acosta Figueroa


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