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Quartzsite, Arizona

Monday, December 14, 2009

Hi Jolly Daze Parade

The Annual Hi Jolly Daze Parade will be held on Saturday, January 9, 2010, starting at noon.


Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite in cooperation with the Town of Quartzsite and other sponsors is planning the best parade in years!

Hi Jolly Daze Parade route is the same as last year, starting at the Fire Station and heading east on Tyson to south on Plymouth, ending at the Town Park, where there will be fun events for the whole family.

The theme this year is "In the Good Old Days" chosen by last year's winner, Tews RV Park. Come on down for a fun day!

Quartzsite, the Rock Capital of the World

A very important event occured on Tuesday, December 8, 2009, when Acting Mayor Wes Huntly proclaimed Quartzsite, Arizona, as the "Rock Capital of the World" during the regular meeting of the Town Council.

Stating "the residents of Quartzsite, Arizona, are proud of our rich history of gold mining, prospecting, and love of rock...each year buyers and sellers from around the world are attracted to our region for the finest rocks, gems and minerals...and is the home of the nation's largest rock and gem club", Huntley went on to say that the "Town of Quartzsite, Arizona will continue to promote the community, and support those ideals and projects that will grow the distinction of our community as the "Rock Capital of the World"! A copy of the whole proclamation is posted at Town Hall for all to view.

Council member, Joe Winslow said, "We need to be proud of this, it's a big deal!" Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite (PNQ) invites "all residents, businesses, organizations and visitors to start claiming it in emails, letters, cards, advertising, etc. to tell the whole world what an amazing town this is!" said Starr BearCat, PNQ President.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

AT&T outage in Quartzsite

Yesterday evening, Dec. 7, 2009, a storm blew through Quartzsite, bringing lightening, thunder, rain, hail, and then extreme winds followed throughout the night. Vendors all over town have lost their canopies, and much of their product has been damaged.

We heard on the scanner that a truck blew over on I-10 near MP 21-23. The washes were all running last night, east/west and north/south. There were reports of a motor home losing their roof, a small building at La Mesa RV lost their metal roofing, and Flying J reported part of their roof came off. We saw today a food vendor's trailer at the corner of Hwy. 95 and E. Kuehn was moved about 100 yards, keeping upright and on it's wheels. Behind Quartzsite Marketplace, a large canopy ended up wrapped around a light pole, a large cactus at Silly Al's Pizza fell against the fence,

This morning most cell phone service was down. Early this morning, one vendor told me his T-Mobile Service was working and that's the only service he knew that was up. While running around town getting photos, everyone else said none of their phones were working either. Verizon was back on line late in the morning, however as of 3:00pm AT&T is still down.

It is very challenging to run a newspaper with no cell phone. So anyone reading this, please take into consideration all of this when trying to reach me in the next few days. Deadline is officially tomorrow for next week's Dec. 16th issue, however, I still have email service, and I'm willing to work late to get your ads in.

Tonight is the Town Council meeting at 7pm. See me there! Rain

Monday, November 16, 2009

Rockin' in Quartzsite Artist Reception Sneak Preview

Rockin' in Quartzsite! was a gigantic success! Sat. Nov. 14, the public had the opportunity to meet the artists and get a sneak preview of the Boulder Art Pieces. Over 200 guests came to the "Rock Motel" filled with curiosity. Members of Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite transformed a warehouse donated by Kym Scott of Tyson Wells Showgrounds, into the Rock Motel.

The artists have been working for three weeks, painting their Boulder Art Piece. Due to some last minute changes, PNQ had 16 Boulder Art Pieces, plus one Community Painting Boulder - a fundraiser for our new project, Quartzsite Children's Music Program.

The Moreira family helped bring sweetness to the event by serving sparkling cider to the guests. Some of the even painted on the Community Boulder, which is shown below.

Artist Jesse Ray Koontz, with his boulder, "Evening Splender". "Ray Ray", as many know him, was of great help, finding boulders to paint, fork lift/backhoe driver and trailers.

Two musical groups performed for the evening. Both offered their free entertainment at the last minute. It was wonderful combination for the night.

Sunday morning, the Boulder Art Pieces were loaded up and moved to the sponsor's locations around town. There they will spend the next three months giving pleasure to visitors and residents alike. People will be able to vote for their favorite Boulder Art Piece in the People's Choice Award.
On March 6, 2010, PNQ hosts the "Rock Auction", where the public will be able to bid on their favorite boulders.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ed Foster files charges against Town Council Members

Ed Foster's Letter to the Editor follows. Click to enlarge.
Letter arrived at Desert Messenger on Sunday, and due to length, content and time constraints, I have chosen to publish here instead of the Desert Messenger Nov. 4th issue #97. Foster filed charges beginning on Oct. 26, 2009. Council member, Hal Davidson, resigned his position as of noon, Wed. Oct. 28, 2009, stating, "The reasons are many...It has been a great honor serving Quartzsite, but I feel I am no longer of any use to the current council." This morning at 8:30am, Patricia Anderson and Jerry Lukkasson were sworn in as new Council Members. Please note the opinions expressed below do not represent those of the Desert Messenger. Letters to the Editor are opinions of the author.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rockin' in Quartzsite! - SAT. OCT. 24, 2009

Transforming rocks into art.

Quartzsite, AZ –Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite (PNQ) sponsors their first event, “Rockin’ in Quartzsite! A Celebration of the Arts” on Saturday, October 24, 2009. Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite kicks off this new public art event with the opening of the “Rock Motel”, where “Boulder Art Pieces” will be painted and decorated by local artists.

Integrating National Make a Difference Day, PNQ brings together the Quartzsite Women’s Club’s “Walk for Education” and the Red Hat Run-Abouts’ “Walk for Cancer Research”. Both walk-a-thons will end at the “Rock Motel”, a converted warehouse where the painting and fun happens!

This family event includes Rock Games, Rock Painting, food, crafts and more! The Rock Motel, a magically transformed warehouse located at 100 W. Kuehn, Quartzsite, is open 9am-3pm. Admission is only $1 plus one non-perishable food item for Quartzsite Food Bank. Participants in the two walk-a-thons get in free.

On Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009, get a “Sneak Preview” of the Boulders before they hit the town. The “Boulder Art Pieces” will be displayed throughout town from Nov. 15, 2009 through March 1, 2010. On Saturday, March 6, PNQ holds a “Rock Auction” to find new homes for the “Boulder Art Pieces” and the People’s Choice Award will be announced.

Quartzsite is known worldwide for its rocks and shows! Expanding on this theme, locals and visitors alike will find themselves looking for the Boulder Art Pieces throughout town, using a “Rockin’ in Quartzsite Map” bringing folks from one end of town to the other. This event benefits local organizations, businesses, and the Quartzsite community!

Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite is established to help provide benefits to local charities and non-profit organizations by promoting the community of Quartzsite, and surrounding areas, through quality local celebrations!
For the Next 7 Generations

In the fall of 2004, thirteen indigenous grandmothers from Africa, Asia, the Arctic Circle, and the North, South and Central America gathered to explore issues of environmental degradation, climate change, war and terrorism and nuclear proliferation. The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers were formed. This film follows their journey. This documentary tells the story of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers from all around the world who came together to help us create a new way of life that will bring the planet back into balance before it's too late.

On October 3rd 2009, For the Next 7 Generations was featured on the Starrdust Show, a program hosted by Starr BearCat on Takilma FM radio. To download the broadcast visit During this program, Starr aired the entire soundtrack to the film.

The Grandmothers are coming to Sedona Dec. 3-6, 2009 for their 7th Gathering. For more information visit

To purchase the DVD, For the Next 7 Generations, visit

Monday, September 7, 2009

Lake in Quartzsite?

When it rains in Quartzsite, a pond sometimes appears on the southside of town, just off E. Kuehn, on Rice Ranch property. Sunday, the pond turned into a lake!
Vito pulled out his jet ski and gave a great show! The owners of Rice Ranch, Chaunce and Doris, went for a ride on the pontoon boat, creating memories for years to come!

Storm aftermath and the cleanup begins!

In the afternoon, there was a wonderful babbling brook on Tyson Road. The water gently ran over the boulders and the sound was sweet. Below is a large piece of pavement missing from Tyson Road.

The day after the big storm found Kuehn, Quail Trail and Tyson roads unpassable. Tons of sand covered Kuehen, however crews from the town and La Paz County quickly began clearing the roads. Quail Trail has the most damage, as a large section of the road disappeared.

By 7am, Acting Mayor Wes Huntley, and Interim Town Manager Alex Taft were on the scene and making decisions. Some smaller roads also received damage, but are usable. There was still water running on the roads, so folks had to use Main Street to get from east to west.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Storm hits Quartzsite! Washes running!

This afternoon the storm brought torrential rains, lightening, winds, and hail. Didn't know we had rapids in Quartzsite? During a break in the weather, I drove around town, taking photos of Tyson Wash, which spread out farther than most folks have seen in over 10 years.
Tents, tires, whole trees, and huge amounts of trash went flowing down the washes. On the north side of town, Tyson Road was getting washed out and the waters were rising past the bank onto private property. On Quail Trail, there is Tyson Wash and another small one, but today they almost looked like one.
On the south end of town, W. Kuehn St., the waters rose up into the showgrounds area, almost to row O, according to Charlie, the caretaker. The waters receded and the rock wall held. However, all over town, folks gathered to watch the incredible site during a break in the storm.
Along Moon Mt. Rd., I walked out toward the wash with some folks who lived across the street. While there, we saw a tractor tire go bounding in the rapids. We had to leave quickly as the water was sneaking in behind us. Just one more photo...., but not risking my safety, I returned to the van. Just 15 minutes later, on my return trip, I saw the water had totally filled in almost up to the road.
Everywhere I went, folks had their cameras. Dee, from the Quartzsite Bakery, told me she took videos to show how fast the water was running. Lots of activity today! And I don't even have the A/C on as the temps dipped into the 80's. Whoooo hooooo!!! Enjoying having my door and windows open for some fresh air!

International Vulture Awareness Day

Today is International Vulture Awareness Day! I just took this photo last Sunday just north of Quartzsite. The vultures have taught me that sometimes it is good to clean up someone else's messes. Sometimes it is good just to wait your turn. Sometimes, you let someone else do the hard work, and then you swoop in for the desert.

And then there are the times to enjoy the sunshine warm your body!

May we all be blessed by the medicine the "Black Eagles" (as some call them) can teach us.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Grandmothers Conference

The Grandmothers are coming!!!

What an honor it was for me to experience the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Conference held in Lincoln City, OR, August 3-7, 2009. I was just one of the multitude gathered to share the wisdom shared by these Grandmothers and Ambassadors from around the world.

The Grandmothers first came together in 2004, and have been visiting each other's homes, all over the globe. I was offered an opportunity to stay in a vacation house with other women to help host a dinner for the Grandmothers at the end of the conference. What an experience! It will take quite sometime for all the images, sounds and blessings to show themselves to me. Many amazing experiences jammed into one week. These women bring their message of peace into the world through their lives. The gift of that message will be with me forever.
Thank you, Coach Louise for hosting the house and all the incredibly talented women housemates!

(Above) Grandmother Tsering Dolma Gyaltong was born in Tibet and escaped along with her family from Tibet in 1958 to India. In 1972, she and her family (four children) came to Canada as refugees. She returned to India and became one of the founding members who revived the Tibetan Women’s Association (TWA). She now resides in Toronto and remains as an advisor to the TWA.

The sponsor for this gathering was Grandmother Agnes Pilgrim, is the oldest living member of her tribe, the Takelma Indians, originally from Southern Oregon. Grandma Aggie is a world renowned spiritual leader, member of the Historic Society and keeper of the Sacred Salmon Ceremony and resides in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Turtle Women Rising: Strong women singing powerful songs at the Conference!

"We bring a new way to walk on the earth!

We gather together to celebrate life!"

The Grandmothers Mission Statement
WE, THE INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF THIRTEEN INDIGENOUS GRANDMOTHERS, represent a global alliance of prayer, education and healing for our Mother Earth, all Her inhabitants, all the children, and for the next seven generations to come. We are deeply concerned with the unprecedented destruction of our Mother Earth and the destruction of indigenous ways of life. We believe the teachings of our ancestors will light our way through an uncertain future. We look to further our vision through the realization of projects that protect our diverse cultures: lands, medicines, language and ceremonial ways of prayer and through projects that educate and nurture our children.
For more information visit: and watch for information on the December gathering in Arizona!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

13 Indigenous Grandmothers

I am sooo excited to be heading to Lincoln City, Oregon this weekend. The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers are holding their Annual Conference there, and I've been blessed with help getting there. All week, I will be in a household of eight women as we will be attending the conference. Our small group will be preparing and serving the Friday night feast for these women of wisdom and their helpers. It will be an evening to remember with live entertainment from Windsong, Gentle Thunder, and Talia Rose.
Plus the coast will be cool, as Oregon is suffering from an usual heat wave!
For more information visit:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Rockin' in Quartzsite!

Saturday, October 24, 2009
The Rock Motel opens!
Join Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite for the first fundraising event!
Rockin' in Quartzsite! A Celebration of the Arts -
Food, Rock Games, Entertainment, Fun! Meet the Artists!

Local artists create unique, on-of-a-kind "Boulder Art" pieces painted with desert scenes, desert critters, landscapes, etc.

Boulder Art pieces, sponsored by local businesses, will be showcased throughout the town from November 2009 through early March 2010.

National Make a Difference Day is Saturday, October 24, 2009. As part of the celebration of Make a Difference Day, the Quartzsite Red Hat Runabouts will hold their annual Walk for Breast Cancer Research. The Quartzsite Women’s Club will also hold their annual Walk for Education.
Both walkathons will end at The Rock Motel, where the public will be able to Meet the Artists, enjoy Food, Rock Games, Entertainment and more!

On Saturday, November 14, 2009,
the public will be able to get a sneak preview of the Boulder Art pieces before hitting the town!

On March 6, 2010, a "Rock Auction"
will be held with proceeds used for future events for our community.

For more information visit and join the discussion!
Or call Angie, 928-927-3845 or Rain, 541-218-2560.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

La Paz Medical and Quartzsite Imaging Grand Opening

La Paz Regional Hospital hosted the Grand Opening and Dedication Ceremony of their brand new building Thursday, May 21st. The new building houses La Paz Medical and Quartzsite Imaging. In Town Pharmacy, located on the backside of the building, is currently undergoing a remodel, as well.

Quartzsite Chamber of Commerce Board Member, Jim McGovern, hosted the event with ribbon cuttings at both entrances. Wes Huntley gave the opening prayer, Vicki Clark, La Paz County Supervisor, Holly Irwin, Town of Quartzsite Council Member, Jose Lizarraga, La Paz Regional Hospital's Cheryl Montijo.

Refreshments and tours of the new facilities were made available to the folks gathered for the celebration.


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