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Quartzsite, Arizona

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

AT&T outage in Quartzsite

Yesterday evening, Dec. 7, 2009, a storm blew through Quartzsite, bringing lightening, thunder, rain, hail, and then extreme winds followed throughout the night. Vendors all over town have lost their canopies, and much of their product has been damaged.

We heard on the scanner that a truck blew over on I-10 near MP 21-23. The washes were all running last night, east/west and north/south. There were reports of a motor home losing their roof, a small building at La Mesa RV lost their metal roofing, and Flying J reported part of their roof came off. We saw today a food vendor's trailer at the corner of Hwy. 95 and E. Kuehn was moved about 100 yards, keeping upright and on it's wheels. Behind Quartzsite Marketplace, a large canopy ended up wrapped around a light pole, a large cactus at Silly Al's Pizza fell against the fence,

This morning most cell phone service was down. Early this morning, one vendor told me his T-Mobile Service was working and that's the only service he knew that was up. While running around town getting photos, everyone else said none of their phones were working either. Verizon was back on line late in the morning, however as of 3:00pm AT&T is still down.

It is very challenging to run a newspaper with no cell phone. So anyone reading this, please take into consideration all of this when trying to reach me in the next few days. Deadline is officially tomorrow for next week's Dec. 16th issue, however, I still have email service, and I'm willing to work late to get your ads in.

Tonight is the Town Council meeting at 7pm. See me there! Rain


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