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Quartzsite, Arizona

Friday, July 29, 2011

Attorney General Horne Finds Reasonable Cause to Believe Open Meeting Law Has Been Violated in Quartzsite

PHOENIX (Friday, July 29, 2011) – Tom Horne, Arizona Attorney General, today released partial information regarding the Attorney General’s Office investigation of events in Quartzsite. Horne stated:
 “Normally, we do not release the results of an investigation until it has been completed. However, because this is a matter of unusual public interest, we are prepared to say that, based on review of a video of a July 10 meeting, there is reasonable cause to believe that there has been a violation of the Open Meeting Law, inasmuch as the public was excluded. The meeting was held under the misconception that an emergency meeting can be conducted without the public present. Independently of the question of whether the Town Council had a legitimate reason to hold an emergency meeting, even proper emergency meetings must allow the public to be present. The exception is if there is a legitimate basis for an executive session, and the City Council did not attempt to hold a proper executive session during the emergency meeting. The investigation of this and other alleged violations of Open Meeting Laws is ongoing.”

Town Manager, Alex Taft, said she was surprised by the unusual move to release a statement before the investigation is completed.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

KSWT reports another side of Quartzsite; interview with Shanana "Rain" Golden-Bear

Yuma's KSWT Reporter Ruth Castillo called Tuesday evening seeking an interview. Evidently "The Best of Quartzsite!" has peaked some media attention.

With all the negative attention brought upon Quartzsite recently, it's only fitting for someone in the media to recognize there are many people in town who are not a part of the political firestorm! Even the Arizona Centennial got mentioned!

We had a very respectful conversation and the following article is the result.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dustball Rally visits Quartzsite's Famous Silly Al's Pizza

Silly Al's Pizza was a busy place today as the teams participating in the Dustball Rally stopped in for some delicious pizza today!

The Dustball 2000 (July 27 - 31) is a four-day, 2,000-mile, 
scavenger-hunt-style road rally across the American Southwest.

The Dustball is a "gimmick rally," which basically means it’s a scavenger hunt! The teams don't know the route, except that it started in El Paso, Texas and will end in Las Vegas, with two mystery overnight stops in between. Each morning, the teams are handed a packet of clues they can use to find their way. The team that solves the most questions on the worksheet wins.
More than 30 cars are on the rally, many of the teams posting to Twitter. You can watch their live updates online at and chat with Dave Maass, a San Diego writer and the Dustball's official multimedia diarist, who will be posting images, video and thoughts live from the backseats of several of the Dustball cars. There might even be some live video.

This project is viewable live in the San Diego Automotive Museum lobby.

ABC News: Solar Tower: Second largest structure on earth planned for Quartzsite!

ABC News released today an article on EnviroMission's proposed 2,600 ft. solar tower planned north of Quartzsite, Arizona. The article is linked below.

Photo courtesy of EnviroMission

Monday, July 25, 2011

Investigative Report on Chief Jeff Gilbert now online!

The full 54 page report of Jackson Lewis is now available online at the following location:

There are hundreds of pages of exhibits not included but is available for the public at Quartzsite Library.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Desert Messenger Announces The Best of Quartzsite!

Quartzsite, AZ- Shanana "Rain" Golden-Bear, publisher of Desert Messenger, Quartzsite's FREE Community Paper, announced today there's a new feature for the upcoming season called, "The Best of Quartzsite!"

"It's about time we recognize what is Right in Quartzsite, and celebrate the hard working individuals and businesses in our community," said Golden-Bear.

Readers will be able to vote in a myriad of possible categories; everything from their favorite place to enjoy Biscuits and Gravy to the best retailer to purchase an RV. Other categories might include: favorite hairstylist, best Karaoke,  favorite ATV trail, best restaurant server, favorite swap meet, best food vendor, favorite jeweler, etc.

"This is something I've had on the back burner since 2008, and feel it is time to take advantage of all the publicity Quartzsite recently has been receiving," said Golden-Bear. "I've witnessed other communities have a lot of fun with the voting, and hope Quartzsite residents and visitors will embrace the concept."

Desert Messenger's 8th season begins September 7th. The 2011-2012 Advertising Rate Card and Deadline Schedule will be available online no later than August 7th at

If readers have ideas for categories that are unique to Quartzsite, please submit them via email to  The more participation, the more fun for all! Details will be published in the September 7th issue of the Desert Messenger.

Winners will be showcased in a special edition this season!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Agenda available for Quartzsite Council meeting Tues. July 26th at 9am

For the full packet of information visit the town's website at:

Well, folks, I guess when the town's website is down, the agenda I had linked to it doesn't work either. I'll work on it...
As I remember, there were 8 or so items on Tuesday's agenda.
- to discuss and possible approve the vacant position on the council
- to approve a zoning change on Plymouth across from QPD from residential to commercial

and more! The agenda was on the town's website Sat. morning, but now the website is down. I'll keep at it.

Parker Pioneer posts history of Quartzsite politics article

John Gutekunst, a journalist for the Parker Pioneer of Parker, AZ, wrote about the long history of how things got to be  as they are now in Quartzsite. Thank you John, for putting things into perspective. The link to his article is below.

Parker, Arizona is located about 35 miles just up the road from Quartzsite on State Route 95. The Parker Pioneer is the only official newspaper in La Paz County. (Free papers are not recognized by the state as official newspapers. Qualifications require certain percentages to be paid subscriptions, rack sales, and a myriad of other requirements, etc.)

Friday, July 22, 2011

There's a new blog in town

Quartzsite, AZ - I just discovered there's a new blog in town, called
Some interesting reading by Tricia Jo. Another perspective from a local Quartzsite resident.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

BLM closes 18 abandoned mines around Quartzsite

Abandoned Mines
Closed in Quartzite

abandoned mine shafts
and features
closed off or filled in.

In recent weeks, 18 abandoned open and dangerous mine shafts on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public lands were closed in the town of Quartzite. Bat gates and cupolas were installed over the shafts which close access to humans but allow ingress/egress to bat populations.

Quartzite is usually small a small town, but during the winter months it grows to around 80,000 visitors who come to participate in the gem and mineral show during the months of January and February. The abandoned mine shafts, fill sites, and mine workings have been both attractive nuisances and public hazards for tourists and visitors.
“Visitors who are gold seekers look in existing shafts no matter how dangerous,” said BLM Colorado River District Hazardous Materials Coordinator Cathy White. “PRP Construction (Phoenix, AZ) did a fabulous job taking care of the hazards while retaining the historic flavor of the mining features. They installed ten cupolas and two bat gates, and leveled six mining fill sites.”

The BLM manages more land – over 245 million acres – than any other Federal agency. This land, known as the National System of Public Lands, is primarily located in 12 Western states, including Alaska. The Bureau, with a budget of about $1 billion, also administers 700 million acres of sub-surface mineral estate throughout the nation. The BLM’s multiple-use mission is to sustain the health and productivity of the public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. The Bureau accomplishes this by managing such activities as outdoor recreation, livestock grazing, mineral development, and energy production, and by conserving natural, historical, and cultural resources on the public lands.

Quartzsite Police Officers Placed on Paid Administrative Leave

In a press release issued today by Quartzsite Police Department,

"The Town of Quartzsite has placed select police officers on paid administrative leave while an internal investigation is being conducted into policy and rule violations. We can assure the community that the police department has adequate officers to provide the services necessary for public safety, and response to calls for service."

Jeff Gilbert
Chief of Police

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

AWC invites High school students to week-long Engineering Institute

Week-Long STEAM Summer Engineering Institute

Allows High School Students to
Explore the World of Engineering

Yuma, AZ (July 20, 2011)— All high school students who wish to explore educational and career options in Engineering are welcome to apply for this week-long STEAM Summer Engineering Institute scheduled to be held at Arizona Western College (AWC) main campus from Monday, August 1st to Friday, August 5th from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm in room AS-101.

Students will explore the exciting world of engineering, local educational opportunities in Engineering, career options in Engineering, local Internships and employment opportunities, global growth in engineering opportunities, hands-on problem solving, a robotic project, and participation in Arizona regional robotic competitions in 2012.

All costs for participation including tuition and operation supplies will be paid for by the Science Foundation for Arizona Engineering Pathways Grant.

For more information, please contact William Laguna at (928) 502-4643 or The STEAM Coordinator is Joseph Alonzo and he can be contacted at or (928) 502-5027.

Investigation Report of Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert

The Town of Quartzsite released a 322 page document, including 50+ pages of the investigation report with 48 Exhibits. With blogs already spinning the outcome, it is only right to include the investigator's analysis and recommendations for all to read for themselves. 

The following is the actual Legal Analysis and Recommendations provided the Town of Quartzsite, Arizona from Sonya K. Boun of JACKSON LEWIS LLP.  Town officials tell me they anticipate the whole document will be online on Friday. The Quartzsite Library has a copy of the full document available for review. 

July 7, 2011

Legal Analysis and Recommendations

Based on the totality of circumstances, there is clearly reason to question the motives behind several of the allegations that have been asserted. Indeed, it appears that some of the witnesses were untruthful in interviews and fabricated information in an effort to bolster claims alleged in the Anonymous Letter. Furthermore, when asked for specific examples of conduct that the witnesses believe support their allegations, many of the incidents about which they complained occurred as many as five years ago. Moreover, the majority of witnesses could not even point to conduct that they personally observed, but rather attempted to provide information obtained through rumors or hearsay. As such, the evidence suggests that many of the witnesses discussed their allegations with each other prior to or during the investigation, even though they were directed not to do so.

At the same time, Chief Gilbert did admit to some of the alleged inappropriate conduct and comments attributed to him. For example, Chief Gilbert admits that he made an inappropriate comment about Witness A “wiping his ass hairs off of the toilet” during a Department-wide meeting, though the comment occurred nearly two years ago. He also believes that he has, at times, used profanity and participated in referring to one of his squads as the “gay squad.” Chief Gilbert also admits that, at an awards ceremony attended by many community members, he distributed dark-skinned “bobblehead dolls” to Hispanic officers and light-skinned dolls to Caucasian officers. Though he did not intend for the gesture to be offensive, the Chief acknowledges that he could “see how someone could misconstrue” the gesture, which many witnesses contend raised the inference that Chief Gilbert was singling out officers based on the color of their skin. However, this incident also occurred more than two years ago, at which time no one complained. It is also clear that a few stray actions and comments made over a five year period clearly does not rise to the level of “severe and pervasive” conduct necessary to support a harassment claim.

It also appears that, while Chief Gilbert has participate in making “lighthearted” comments that reference officers’ Hispanic origin, the Hispanic officers themselves routinely participate in pranks and jokes with each other, including making comments about Witness A stealing items from the Department so that he can “sell them in Mexico or on EBay.” In short, that the Hispanic officers instigated many of these conversations and routinely participated in such conduct belies the inference that the conduct and comments offended them.

Moreover, Chief Gilbert’s history of hiring and promoting Hispanic officers undermines any claim that he would intentionally discriminate or single out these same officers. Indeed, if he had a problem with their Hispanic origin, Chief Gilbert arguably would not have hired the officers in the first place and would likely have avoided putting them in supervisory positions. At the same time, even Chief Gilbert acknowledges that it might be time to rein in the bantering and jokes, as he is now experience a backlash related to his efforts to provide a “light and fun” atmosphere in the Department. This is highly recommended so as to avoid future harassment claims or the appearance that Chief Gilbert condones conduct that arguably creates a hostile work environment for some officers.

However, there is no credible evidence to suggest that Chief Gilbert has been inconsistent in the way that he handles officer sick leave issues, or that he has ever improperly denied reasonable accommodations to any officer. Nor is there any reason to believe that Chief Gilbert has targeted community members he dislikes. Rather there is ample evidence to suggest that the citizens in question have gone out of their way to humiliate and discredit Chief Gilbert, and have even jeopardized the safety of Chief Gilbert and his family. The citizens in question have also participated in a litany of conduct that has led to criminal investigations and even convictions. Even so, it appears that Chief Gilbert has conducted himself in a professional manner when conducting legitimate police business related to these citizens.

It also does not appear that Chief Gilbert has been targeting Witness A for termination. Rather, based on Witness A’s myriad performance issues, it appears that Witness A’s supervisors have issued him appropriate discipline under the circumstances. Indeed, as already noted, though many of the officers claim that Witness A has been unfairly targeted for discipline, those same witnesses opine that Witness A is an incompetent officer who consistently performs in a substandard manner. These assertions make this allegation particularly incredible.

Based on the foregoing, and in light of the fact that many of the claims asserted are stale and involve conduct remote in time, I do not believe formal discipline is warranted in this manner. However, I recommend that Chief Gilbert attend a training course on harassment and discrimination issues in the workplace.  In addition, Chief Gilbert would also benefit from management and sensitivity training, which will help him learn how to effectively deal with “jokes and pranks” in the workplace, and help the chief in his efforts to create a more professional work environment in the Police Department.

In addition, it appears that many of the issues raised during this investigation stem from the Police Department’s outdated and confusing Policies and Rules, which are often vague and do not clearly delineate procedures that the officers must follow. This, in turn, leads to the perception that officers are subjected to inconsistent discipline and directives. For these reasons, I recommend that QPD Rules and Procedures be updated so as to provide clear guidance to Department personnel.

Because it exceeds the scope of this investigation, I note without making any particular recommendation that Witness A apparently lied several times throughout the course of the investigation. To the extent that the Town wishes to separately investigate Witness A’s possible dishonesty during the investigation, the Town should make sure that any such investigation is handled by a neutral party or agency is feasible, so as to avoid an appearance that Chief Gilbert is retaliating against Witness A for participating in this investigation and making allegations against him.

I hope this written report is helpful. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to give me a call.
Very truly yours,
Sonya K. Boun

Quartzsite Museum fundraiser tonight!

The Quartzsite Museum and Historical Society will be hosting a Dessert Social fundraiser tonight at Main St. Eatery. 

From 6-8 pm folks can enjoy delicious desserts for only $2.50. 
For every dessert sold, the Museum will receive 50 cents. 

Enjoy an old fashioned Dessert Social and visit with neighbors tonight from  6-8 pm at Main St. Eatery located at 
205 E. Main St., Quartzsite, Arizona

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quartzsite releases result of investigation of Police Chief Jeff Gilbert

Press Release
Alex Taft, Quartzsite Town Manager

Town of Quartzsite Releases Investigation Report on Police Chief Gilbert

As Town Manager for the Town of Quartzsite I have waived the Attorney-Client Privilege to release the results of the Internal Investigation of Police Chief Gilbert. This report was completed by Sonya K. Boun of the law firm of Jackson Lewis who were referred to the Town of Quartzsite by its insurer, Southwest Risk. This investigation was engaged because the majority of the allegations of the police officers were personnel matters and would not, therefore be investigated by DPS. DPS is investigating the allegation of misusing the NCIC database for criminal history information. They have informed me that the results will take more than two weeks to report and therefore I am releasing the internal investigative report in advance of the DPS report.

Overall the Jackson Lewis Report demonstrates, by addressing each allegation, that Jeff Gilbert, Chief of Police for the Town of Quartzsite followed procedure and policy as it is currently established. Police Chief Gilbert’s character has been maligned, he has received death threats and hate mail for what amounts to personnel complaints where he has been found to have complied with policy. Additionally, allegations are included where he was already found free of wrongdoing by DPS in June of 2010.

There is no finding of fault against the Chief for following policies and procedures that were set forth before he was hired. Copies of the report are available in the Quartzsite Public Library and electronically on disk.

Questions raised over Quartzsite's Desert Messenger

Quartzsite, AZ - Questions have been raised by Jennifer "Jade" Harris Jones on when I, Shanana "Rain" Golden-Bear took over publishing the Desert Messenger. It's kind of silly, but I feel I need to clarify the situation. She claimed in comments below that she looks forward to entering into evidence into court that my first issue was Vol. 4 No. 75, dated May 13, 2008 and falsely accuses me that I allowed almost two full pages of to "defame a rival publisher". Proof is in the page above!

 The headline in the bottom right corner of this issue is "The End is Here" and begins with the statement, "This will be the last issue of the Desert Messenger published by Walt Akin."

Jones tricked me once in court when I was suffering from the flu. After an 3 hours of odd court room drama, I was totally exhausted and not thinking clearly. After witnessing Jones in court many times since then, I am now familiar with her slight of hand techniques.

Also on page 4 is a bit of history about me and on page 11 (of 12) states "Desert Messenger is an Desert Production." [with typo]. If anyone wishes to see the full 12 pages of Akin's last edition, or my first 16 page edition of Oct. 1st, 2008, I can email a copy....much later, for I have other work to do.

To clarify once again, Jones' accusations are proven false! Twists and turns of words do not change facts! I believe she should do her due diligence before making further accusations in such a public forum!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Quartzsite rumors not all they're cracked up to be

Okay, folks, I've had it with all the lies, untruths, and misconceptions! has a new article today with many riduculous errors. The very long and detailed article tries to explain how things got to be so crazy in Quartzsite. However, they are missing many important facts.

-The Desert Messenger was founded in 2004 by Walt Akin. I began publishing in October, 2008. At the time, Akin was on the town council and within a few months was appointed mayor. Since taking over in 2008 (beginning with a 16-page issue), the number of advertisers and community participation has grown to the point of printing 48 page-issues three times this past season. I have worked in the newspaper advertising industry for over 11 years in metropolitan centers and small towns alike. Since 2008, the Desert Messenger has published on time every time, even when I thought I'd be late once. The Yuma Sun prints the papers and does a great job of dealing with last minute breaking news. (The most recent issue was delivered to town during the long power outage, and could not be delivered to closed businesses until they opened up the next day) You can find the current rate card and dealines online at Next year's rate card will be available beginning August 1, 2011. All issues from the past year are available for viewing online at You can sign up to receive email notifications when the next edition is available.

- Mayor Ed Foster does NOT publish a newspaper. He has a website where he posts his opinions. There was a four-page newsletter that hit the streets during a campaign season, called the Mineshaft, but there was no information on who published or wrote the articles. Since then, he began his website.

- Jennifer "Jade" Harris Jones does publish a paper in town which began in December, 2010, however without a business license. I filed a complaint with town hall the next day, which was appropriate. Jones has another court date of July 27th, after many delays, to deal with that as well as nine + other charges. Jones contends she does not need a business license because she gives her paper away. No one has seen her July edition, either online or in town. Her rate card of December, 2010 states she would give advertisers a discount ONLY if they agree NOT to advertise in Desert Messenger for one year.

- The name of Jones' first edition was called "Desert Free Press" however, after the owner of contacted her about using his business name, she abruptly changed the name to "The Desert Freedom Press". In most of Jone's papers, she includes "rumors" about residents causing much dissention within the community. Many advertisers contacted me after her first issue, complaining Jones placed their ads in her paper without their consent. Some said they were concerned about damage to the reputation of their business because of the ads being in her paper. Jones, of course, called me a lier.

- I have no Injunction of Harassment orders against Jones, nor she on me! A Free-Lance Contributing photographer to the Desert Messenger, Starr BearCat, has a 10 ft. injunction against Jennifer Jones in Public Meetings only. Jennifer Jones initiated the claims with filing for an injunction against harassment against BearCat. She was given the minimum of 5 ft. in public meetings, as Judge Charlene Weiss stated she would normally even not grant it, but knew that if she didn't, Jones would be back in her "court next week"! Then her husband, John "Jack" Jones, filed for an injunction against BearCat. He was granted a 5 ft. in Public Meetings. However, BearCat was then granted an injunction against John Jones of 10 ft. anywhere, any place, any time. Jennifer Jones refused an offer of compromise by BearCat, in front of Judge Weiss, and chose to try to interfer with BearCat's spiritual gathering by asking for a court date during the planned vacation. The hearing is now scheduled for Aug. 1st at 1:30pm at La Paz County Court in Parker, AZ.

- Jones continues to claim she has filed criminal charges on me, however, I have not been contacted by any court or law enforcement agency regarding any perceived charges.

-Her own actions are what causes her to get in trouble with the law, no matter how anyone wants to spin it. I was actually asked why I would believe a police report over what Jones said and all I could do was laugh! The lies have been told so many times, people are now believing them. All I can say is she has multiple arrests, and I do not. Her husband John "Jack" Jones did call the police on me while I was photographing a construction site from across the street of their business location, yelling at me across the five-lane highway. He claimed he had an injunction against me from videotaping him. Well, needless to say, I am no party in any lawsuit or injunction orders, period!

- In the article, Foster states "There's a cabal running Quartzsite". According to Wikipedia, "A cabal is a group of people united in some close design together, usually to promote their private views and/or interests in a church, state, or other community, often by intrigue." The article also states Foster is the one "who leads the anti-establishment group". This group is called The Coalition which now meets secretly. I actually attended some Coalition meetings in 2008-2009 believing their words of wanting to help Quartzsite. After a few months of witnessing their anger, attacks of anything and everything that went on at town hall, their "us vs. them" mentallity, I moved on to help found Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite (PNQ), an organization to promote Quartzsite by creating events unique to the area. Our initials ask everyone to "mind their P's N Q's"! PNQ was instrumental in naming Quartzsite as the Rock Capital of the World in 2009.

- Foster left out the fact that he filed multiple complaints against Chief Jeff Gilbert within days of being sworn in as mayor. The complete DPS report is available for viewing at the Quartzsite Library, showing Gilbert was exonerated.

- Jennifer "Jade" Harris Jones is now a candidate for the mayoral recall election on August 30th, along with Michale Roth, who reportedly withdrew his name after the town did not challenge his ability to run based on Roth owing the town funds. Along with Foster, former Council member Jose Lizarraga is also on the ballot for mayor.

- Jones also left out the fact that her federal compaints against the town were dismissed by the U.S. District Court in Phoneix.

- All current Council members suvived attempts at a recall vote just this past March.

- Also left out of the article was just how much Foster has cost the town in legal fees. Just in the past 6 months or so, the ever-growing amount is well over $40,000. The Town is beginning to recoup a small portion as Foster now owes for town attorney fees when he failed to show at two recent hearings, one of which he requested.

- Internal Police employee issues raised during the past couple of months are internal affairs. The investigation of complaints on Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, raised by 9 QPD officers & 1 clerk,  has been completed and the results should be forthcoming soon.

- Quartzsite is a thriving community with caring residents! Our small charter school of just over 100 students had winning football and ladie's softball teams this season. Scholars' Academy Stars are State Champions! Now how's that for a small town!!!

- Thousands of Snowbirds are in love with Quartzsite, filling the surrounding desert in their RVs during the winter season. Last year, Quartzsite gained international attention for the GOOD that happens here! The BLM maintains 11,000 acres of desert allowing folks to camp for $180 from mid-September thru Mid-April. Plus there are five 14-day free camping areas surrounding the town. ATV Trails in all directions lead to the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Swap meets still attract crowds looking for great deals. Vendor prices have not increased since 2003, remaining at $50 for the season. (The length was adjusted to meet P&Z Codes and now are good for 6 months instead of the previous year) There's a new 3-day Vendor Permit ($15)available for those who just want to come in for a weekend event.

- Quartzsite is located just 17 miles east the California border, on I-10 & State Route 95, in a small valley filled with people who love the rural living. During the winter season you'll find Gems & Minerals, Rock Shows, Fine Art, Bingo, Great Food, Delightful Arts & Crafts, Music, Swap Meets, Fantastic Deals, Cruise-In Car Shows, Classes for all ages, Parades, Chili Cook-off, Fun for the Whole Family, Rock Painting, Red Hatters, Gold Hunting, Metal Detecting, RV Shows and Sales, RV Gatherings and Rallies, Hi Jolly Cemetery, AZ Centennial Events, Quartzsite Museum, Entertainment, Auctions, Generous Churches, and MORE!  "Set your sights on Quartzsite!" is a favorite song by New Christy Minstrels who come to perform each January at the QIA. Don't miss out on all the fun!
We either grow or we stagnate. Let's grow in a good way for the next seven generations to come!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

NY Times says, Quartzsite "Mayor Foster loves to raise a ruckus"

NY Times journalist Jennifer Medina, of Los Angeles, came to Quartzsite recently along with other media, in pursuit of the truth about all the rumors flying around the Internet. "Arizona Town's Mayor at Center of Dispute" also titled, "Kicking up the Dust in an Arizona Desert Town" talks about the recent activities of Quartzsite Town Council, Town Officials, twice-censured Mayor Ed Foster, and the recent arrest video of Jennifer "Jade" Harris Jones bringing worldwide attention to Quartzsite.

In respect of the New York Times' copyrighted material, you can find the link below.

The photo of Mayor Ed Foster with, what appears to be, one of Richard Oldham's beautiful classic cars apparantly was taken in the sales lot of Oldham's Desert Gardens Cars in Quartzsite. It makes Quartzsite look absolutely gorgeous. Great photo, Joshua Lott!

Response to "UNKNOWN": Thanks for the correction. A quote is a quote. By providing the link, readers can read the whole article themselves.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Quartzsite Town hall meeting cancelled

Quartzsite, Arizona- The Town Hall meeting scheduled for Wednesday, July 20th has been cancelled according to Town Manager Alex Taft. Watch for updates here and in the next issue of Desert Messenger on Wed. Aug. 3rd.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finally The truth reaches the masses! As i posted previously, Quartzsite is NOT under Martial Law!

Jennifer Jade Harris Jones and twice-censured Mayor Ed Foster have had their stories spread around the world claiming that Quartzsite is under Martial Law. The Media jumped on the story showing up in town the past few days. CBS Channel 5 KPH0's Donna Rossi and Steve Stout gave a clear and factual report of what is actually going on in Quartzsite, Arizona. See link below!

Press release from Town of Quartzsite

Town Web Site Out Down

Because of the heavy traffic on the website the band width for the web site has been exceeded for the month of July. We have therefore switched to a provider that furnishes an adequate bandwidth for the increased website use. Anticipated down time is five days. Additionally this change will affect the Town’s email. We are anticipating delays in delivery of email. Since the Town is currently receiving hundreds of email each day, this backlog will take a little time to review. Thank you for your patience.
Alex Taft
Quartzsite Town Manager

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quartzsite council meeting draws media attention

Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster walked out of this morning's budget meeting, claiming it was an illegal meeting because town did not post the agenda 24 hours in advance. Quartzite and surrounding areas were without power the majority of the day yesterday. Evidently postings were made on bulletin boards but not on town website due to power outage.
Meeting was officiated by Vice Mayor Barbara Cowell. Council voted to hold a meeting on the budget in a week and allow public to review the proposed budget. There was a strong Media present at the very short meeting. No arrests were made.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Salome loses landmark

Salome's historic restaurant and burned this morning. Carole Mackley posted photos. See link below:

Power restored to Quartzsite area

Power back on in Quartzdite!!
APS reported they replaced 22 power poles in multiple locations. Bouse still has 223 customers without power. Cooling stations will remain open.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

False reports of State of Emergency in Quartzsite!

Quartzsite Town Council met in an emergency meeting earlier today to handle the recent throngs of death threats made to council members and QPD officers. Mayor Ed Foster claimed to media around the state that the Council declared a State of Emergency and Martial law. According to AZ Central he is now back-peddling that claim.
According to many reliable sources, there is no State of Emergency in Quartzsite, Arizona!! There will be an announcement within 24 hours of the council's decisions.

Please stay calm everyone and get the facts straight before sending fear out into the public!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Power out in Quartzsite

From La Paz County Sherrif

All roads in La Paz Co are open drive with care. 17 power poles down in Quartzsite area power will be out most of the day.

Aps will have a trailer of dry ice at the Shell Station on Main St at 10am

Power is out in Brenda, Quartzsite area and Wenden. It is unknown when it will be back up.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Special Meeting of Quartzsite Town Council, July 7th, 2011 10am

The Quartzsite Town Council will hold a Special meeting
THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 10:00 AM


070711 – SP1. Discussion and possible approval of Ordinance No. 11-08; amending Quartzsite Town Code, Chapter 3, Article 3-2, Section 3-2-5 establishing the Town Manager as the appointing authority of the position of Town Attorney and expanding and clarifying the duties of Town Attorney to include the roles of Town Prosecutor and Town Parliamentarian. (Not open for public discussion)
Jerry Lukkasson, Council Member

070711 – SP2. Possible approval to go into executive session pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.03 (A)(1) & (A)(3) for the purpose of: (Not open for public discussion)
        1) Negotiating terms for Martin Brannan, Town Prosecutor to serve as Town Attorney.
            Jerry Lukkasson, Council Member

070711 – SP3. Discussion and possible approval of Martin Brannan as Town Attorney in addition to his duties as Town Prosecutor, terms to be negotiated. (Not open for public discussion)
Jerry Lukkasson, Council Member


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