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Quartzsite, Arizona

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quartzsite releases result of investigation of Police Chief Jeff Gilbert

Press Release
Alex Taft, Quartzsite Town Manager

Town of Quartzsite Releases Investigation Report on Police Chief Gilbert

As Town Manager for the Town of Quartzsite I have waived the Attorney-Client Privilege to release the results of the Internal Investigation of Police Chief Gilbert. This report was completed by Sonya K. Boun of the law firm of Jackson Lewis who were referred to the Town of Quartzsite by its insurer, Southwest Risk. This investigation was engaged because the majority of the allegations of the police officers were personnel matters and would not, therefore be investigated by DPS. DPS is investigating the allegation of misusing the NCIC database for criminal history information. They have informed me that the results will take more than two weeks to report and therefore I am releasing the internal investigative report in advance of the DPS report.

Overall the Jackson Lewis Report demonstrates, by addressing each allegation, that Jeff Gilbert, Chief of Police for the Town of Quartzsite followed procedure and policy as it is currently established. Police Chief Gilbert’s character has been maligned, he has received death threats and hate mail for what amounts to personnel complaints where he has been found to have complied with policy. Additionally, allegations are included where he was already found free of wrongdoing by DPS in June of 2010.

There is no finding of fault against the Chief for following policies and procedures that were set forth before he was hired. Copies of the report are available in the Quartzsite Public Library and electronically on disk.


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