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Quartzsite, Arizona

Saturday, July 16, 2011

NY Times says, Quartzsite "Mayor Foster loves to raise a ruckus"

NY Times journalist Jennifer Medina, of Los Angeles, came to Quartzsite recently along with other media, in pursuit of the truth about all the rumors flying around the Internet. "Arizona Town's Mayor at Center of Dispute" also titled, "Kicking up the Dust in an Arizona Desert Town" talks about the recent activities of Quartzsite Town Council, Town Officials, twice-censured Mayor Ed Foster, and the recent arrest video of Jennifer "Jade" Harris Jones bringing worldwide attention to Quartzsite.

In respect of the New York Times' copyrighted material, you can find the link below.

The photo of Mayor Ed Foster with, what appears to be, one of Richard Oldham's beautiful classic cars apparantly was taken in the sales lot of Oldham's Desert Gardens Cars in Quartzsite. It makes Quartzsite look absolutely gorgeous. Great photo, Joshua Lott!

Response to "UNKNOWN": Thanks for the correction. A quote is a quote. By providing the link, readers can read the whole article themselves.


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