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Quartzsite, Arizona

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Desert Messenger goes online

Quartzsite, AZ- The May 19, 2010 Desert Messenger along with the May 5th issues are now online in an iFlip format. This service will allow RVers travelling around the country to stay in touch with Quartzsite! Readers can see the paper just as it is printed. By the fall, pages will be "hot-linked". Also watch for some exciting changes in September.

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The election is over and hopefully there will be lots of good news to share with the community!

Ed Foster will evidently be sworn in as Mayor at the regular Quartzsite Town Council meeting on Tuesday, May 25, 2010.

In other news, the Scholars' Academy launched their new FM radio station, KEQS 91.7. The student run radio station went on air around 11pm on Saturday, May 15th. It has taken 10 years of determination and hard work. The student DJs are working out the kinks and plan on being on air 24/7. Advertising will soon be offered as well as local annoucements and sports.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quartzsite Elections Unofficial Results May 18, 2010

What a huge turnout for the Town of Quartzsite voters with 54.2 %.

Ed Foster appears to edges out Wes Huntley for Mayor.
Patricia Anderson, Bob Kelley and Jerry Lukkasson, all incumbents, are at the top of the list.

Below are the latest results from La Paz County website:

Election Summary Report



MAY 18, 2010

Summary For 058 QUARTZSITE - Prec #(s): 058.1 / 058.2 / 058.3 / 058.4, All Counters, All Races


ALL BALLOTS COUNTED 05/20/10 --- 17:35:58

Registered Voters 1451 - Cards Cast 787 54.24% Num. Report Precinct 1 - Num. Reporting 1 100.00%


Total Number of Precincts 1

Precincts Reporting 1 100.0 %

Times Counted 787/1451 54.2 %

Total Votes 697

YES 302 43.33%

NO 395 56.67%

Total Number of Precincts 1

Precincts Reporting 1 100.0 %

Times Counted 669/1234 54.2 %

Total Votes 653

FOSTER, ED 338 51.76%

HUNTLEY, WES 311 47.63%

Write-in Votes 4 0.61%


Total Number of Precincts 1

Precincts Reporting 1 100.0 %

Times Counted 669/1234 54.2 %

Total Votes 1831



KELLEY, ROBERT 315 17.20%


MOORE, BILL 254 13.87%

SIAS, RUSSELL 308 16.82%

Write-in Votes 6 0.33%

Saturday, May 15, 2010

AT&T outage for days in Quartzsite

For the past two days, Quartzsite AT&T customers have been having problems "reaching out" to friends and family on their cell phones. After speaking to a rep yesterday after 4 hours of challenges, I was told the towers are fine. The very nice agent on the other end of the line told me he would be contacting the techs and making a report. Well, today brought even more challenges. Again I called 611 as soon as service returned. Once again I was told that AT&T would forward to a tech to check out.
Starr was actually talking to a tech when service again went down right in the middle of their conversation. What timing!

One of the regular customers at Mountain Quail Cafe complained of problems as well. At dinner, customers were allowing use of their phones, as AT&T was on-again-off-again. I know of at least three customers that have contacted AT&T about these outages. But as of 7:19pm there is "No Service"!

I am using a Sprint air card to access the Internet to post this message. Thank goodness for Sprint ~ Hopefully someone from AT&T will read this message and address the issue ASAP!!!

Most full time RVers only have a cell phone and this is their only form of communication. If there is an emergency we can't get out on our cell phones! I love my I Phone, but gotta tell ya, I'm looking around as soon as my contract with AT&T is up.


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