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Quartzsite, Arizona

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quartzsite Police to conduct DUI detail over Labor Day weekend

The Quartzsite Police Department, in conjunction with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety will be conducting traffic enforcement details over the Labor Day holiday weekend. They will be enforcing speed, seat belt, aggressive driving and DUI laws.

The penalties for DUI can include loss of your driver’s license, expensive fines, jail time, increased insurance rates, possible loss of life or injury and having your name published in the local paper.

Quartzsite Police Department asks that if you drink, please be responsible. Don’t drink and drive, make sure to have a designated driver and wear your seat belt at all times.

Officer Ruvalcaba
Quartzsite Police Department

(928) 927-4644   

Monday, August 26, 2013

Town of Quartzsite issues Press Release re: Jennifer Jade Jones' 15 dogs

Quartzsite, Arizona

The Town of Quartzsite issued an unusual Press Release today regarding Jennifer "Jade" Jones, owner of "A Fur Salon" and "The Desert Freedom Press" (which according to the Town, neither business has a current business or vendor license.) 

Quartzsite Police officers and Town Building Inspector, Steve Henrichs visited Jones at her location at Rice Ranch swap meet on August 22, 2013 with a warrant to inspect a 1956 trailer to ensure compliance with Town Codes. According to the press release, they found 15 Pit Bull dogs housed in cages in the old trailer. 

Two days later, Jones moved the trailer out of Rice Ranch to a BLM camping area in the desert. Jones spoke to Quartzsite Town Council during today's meeting, accusing Henrichs was not qualified to inspect a recreation vehicle. She angrily threatened to file felony perjury charges against Henrichs and Town Manager Laura Bruno if she discovers they lied on the affidavit supplied to the court for the warrant. 

Jones also notified Parker Court that, although she may not be able to sue the appointed magistrate judge who issued the warrant, she said, "I can certainly sue his employer and the Town of Parker can expect a Notice of Claim in this matter."

Quartzsite Town Code 6-2-6 requires a person operating a kennel to obtain a permit. "Failure to obtain a permit after 30 days of written notification is a guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor." 

The full release is below:


August 26, 2013


Quartzsite, AZ --- Local authorities found more than 15 Pit Bull dogs housed at Rice Ranch RV Park, in an RV space occupied by Jack and Jennifer Jones.  More than ten of the animals were housed in small kennels inside a mobile unit, with more animals stored in smaller vehicles also located in the RV space.  Inspectors describe experiencing an overwhelming stench and very hot conditions inside the mobile unit.

The Jones’ have been residing as renters at the Rice Ranch RV Park, and have been operating at least one business at this location.  None of Jones’ businesses are legally permitted to operate within the Town of Quartzsite.  After requests to inspect the RV site were refused, Quartzsite authorities obtained and served an Inspection Warrant late Thursday afternoon.  Authorities found several potential violations, including operating a dog kennel that is not in compliance with the laws of Quartzsite.

Upon finding the more than 15 Pit Bull dogs, authorities expressed strong concern about the number of aggressive and dangerous animals contained in the small RV space.  Adding to the concern was Ms. Jones’ repeated warnings that she couldn’t guarantee the safety of anyone entering her location.  Generally, Pit Bull dogs have identifiable traits such as unpredictability of aggression, refusal to give up a fight, high pain tolerance, and their “hold and shake” bite style. 

The Town will be issuing citations for various Town Code Violations.  Jennifer “Jade” Jones is a local tabloid blogger who has a history of violating the Town’s laws.

For more information, contact Steve Henrichs, Community Development/Code Compliance Officer at 928-927-4333.


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