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Quartzsite, Arizona

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Earthquake felt in Quartzsite

"Rockin' in Quartzsite"
takes on a new meaning on Easter Sunday!

Today's 7.2 magnitude earthquake centered near Mexicali, Mexico was felt all over town. The quake lasted for about 30-45 seconds. At one point folks thought it was over, and walked outside, only to realize the quake was still continuing.

One neighbor was in her trailer, and suffering from a "qeezy stomach" opened the refrigerator to get some milk, but could not pour the milk into a glass. That's when she knew it was more than her feeling dizzy. A friend told me she thought her television was going to fall off the pedestal. Mary Kay, a waitress at Mountain Quail Cafe, told me the whole west wall was moving back and forth. Customers were still talking about it hours later. There were no reports of damage in town.

CNN had breaking news reports showing reports from citizen journalists. Twitter was slammed within minutes with individual reports. Technology has created a unique way of communicating with the world. Yuma residents reported feeling very scared, with items falling off shelves. The quake was felt from the California coast to Tuscon, Arizona. Over 80 aftershocks were reported in the first 5 hours by the USGS website. I have personally felt between 8-10 aftershocks.

Expect many more aftershocks in the next couple of days with possibly up to 6.0. So if you are feeling a bit off-centered, there may be a good reason.

For more information on southern Arizona earthquakes visit:


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