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Quartzsite, Arizona

Monday, January 7, 2019

BLM KIOSK at La Posa North LTVA


Government Shutdown Day 17:
By Shanana Rain Golden-Bear
  Quartzsite, AZ - Quartzsite is open for business, Shows are open, and deals are everywhere in town! But there’s been much speculation and rumors about the government shutdown and the impact to Quartzsite’s LTVA campgrounds. The La Posa LTVA Kiosk buildings are closed, so there is no one there to register new campers. There are NO ROAD CLOSURES at the BLM LTVAs. The roads in and out are open to traffic, even though BLM is "officially closed." The BLM law enforcement Rangers continue their patrols in the area.

The government issued a partial shutdown on December 22, 2018. The BLM has approximately 9,260 employees and furloughed approximately 6,930 employees. According to BLM Contingency Plan published on their website: “Public lands will, in most cases, remain accessible to the public but most services will not be available during a shutdown. Some areas are accessible, however access may change without notice, and there may be no BLM-provided services.”
The BLM operates four Long Term Visitor Areas (LTVA) just south of Quartzsite, which are officially shut down. Campers who arrived and purchased their permits prior to the shutdown may continue to use them.   A furloughed volunteer told Desert Messenger that they have direct contact for the BLM Rangers if any issues arise, and Quartzsite Police operate in a supportive role as during the January 2018 government shutdown.
As of January 7th, the water and dump stations are still open in La Posa South. Trash bins fill up quickly everywhere so campers are encouraged to take trash to the Quartzsite Transfer Station for free!  The station is open Sunday thru Wednesday 7:30am to 2:30pm. Please cover your load. For more info call the Main landfill 928-916-1253 or Main office at 928-854-9152.  The transfer station is located north of Town, just off Hwy. 95, near the Sewer Treatment Plant. There are several businesses in town that offer water, dump and propane for sale. 
   The BLM is encouraging campers to use the 14-day free camping areas around Quartzsite until the government shutdown is over. There are no designated campsites and you may camp anywhere within the boundary of the site. There are no facilities at the site. There are no fees for camping. The length of stay is limited to 14 days in a 28 day period. 
• PLOMOSA ROAD:  Off 95 north of Quartzsite on north and south sides of Plomosa Road.
• HI JOLLY/MM112:  About 3 miles north of Quartzsite on US Hwy 95. 
• DOME ROCK MOUNTAIN:  West from Quartzsite about 6 miles.
• SCADDAN WASH: About 3.5 miles east of Quartzsite. 
• ROAD RUNNER:  On the west side of US 95, about 5 miles south of Quartzsite.

BLM stated on their website, “During a shutdown, we will not monitor or update social media or web information.  For more information, see” 

Under "campgrounds" in the BLM Shutdown Contingency plan, the BLM states, "Visitors may remain at these sites at their sole risk." There is no language regarding citing campers without a permit and Desert Messenger has no knowledge of any camper being cited as of 1-07-19. 

Here's a Great Video by RVerTV from Day 9 out in the LTVA :


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