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Quartzsite, Arizona

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quartzsite Elections March 9, 2010

 La Paz County released the "Final Unofficial" Results from Tuesday's election. According to Alex Taft, Town Manager, the county manages the run off. It appears Huntley and Foster will face each other in the run off in May. Lizarraga appears to be the only Council Member being placed. To be declared elected at the primary, a candidate must receive votes totaling more than half the ballots cast.

For now, here are the latest numbers as of 17:34:05, 3/10/10.

Registered Voters: 1346.   Total cards cast: 506.    37.59%

Quartzsite Mayor:
Incumbent Wes Huntley received 194 votes with  39.43% of the votes.
Ed Foster received 153 votes with 31.10% of the votes.
CK "Charlie" Kukral received 115 votes with 23.37% of the votes.
Hal Davidson received 28 votes with 5.69% of the votes.
There were 2 write-in votes.

Town Council:
Jose Lizarraga received 273 votes with 15.15%.
Robert Kelley received 237 votes with 13.15%.
Patricia Anderson received 208 votes with 11.54%.
Bill Moore received 192 votes with 10.65%,
Chaunce Hamilton received 186 votes with 10.32%.
Jerry Lukkasson received 173 votes with 9.60%.
Russell Sias received 161 votes with 8.93%.
Eric Larson received 139 votes with 7.71%.
Deena Blythe received 131 votes with 7.27%.
Brad Trainer received 99 votes with 5.49%.
There were 3 write-in votes.

Proposition 100
No     254 votes with  57.86%
Yes    185 votes with 42.14%,


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