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Quartzsite, Arizona

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Questions raised over Quartzsite's Desert Messenger

Quartzsite, AZ - Questions have been raised by Jennifer "Jade" Harris Jones on when I, Shanana "Rain" Golden-Bear took over publishing the Desert Messenger. It's kind of silly, but I feel I need to clarify the situation. She claimed in comments below that she looks forward to entering into evidence into court that my first issue was Vol. 4 No. 75, dated May 13, 2008 and falsely accuses me that I allowed almost two full pages of to "defame a rival publisher". Proof is in the page above!

 The headline in the bottom right corner of this issue is "The End is Here" and begins with the statement, "This will be the last issue of the Desert Messenger published by Walt Akin."

Jones tricked me once in court when I was suffering from the flu. After an 3 hours of odd court room drama, I was totally exhausted and not thinking clearly. After witnessing Jones in court many times since then, I am now familiar with her slight of hand techniques.

Also on page 4 is a bit of history about me and on page 11 (of 12) states "Desert Messenger is an Desert Production." [with typo]. If anyone wishes to see the full 12 pages of Akin's last edition, or my first 16 page edition of Oct. 1st, 2008, I can email a copy....much later, for I have other work to do.

To clarify once again, Jones' accusations are proven false! Twists and turns of words do not change facts! I believe she should do her due diligence before making further accusations in such a public forum!


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