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Quartzsite, Arizona

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quartzsite Senior Center weighs in on "us vs. them"

Letter to editor from Wayne Wilson,
President, Quartzsite Senior Center:

The Quartzsite Senior Citizens Center (QSC/Senior Center) was organized for educational, recreational and entertainment purposes, for enrichment of the lives of the senior citizens of the community. QSC strives to maintain a congenial and stress-free atmosphere by disallowing offensive behavior and confrontational discussions.

During the short time I've been involved with the Senior Center that all seemed to be working pretty well. Until this past spring. A result of the unrest in Quartzsite is that some QSC members stated in March and April 2011 that they would not come to the Senior Center anymore as long as The Desert Freedom Press remained available there. This concern was discussed at some length at the April 2011 QSC Board Meeting where it was decided that individuals have the choice of reading or not reading any publication available at the Senior Center. (The Desert Messenger has been available for quite awhile, as well as the Quartzsite Crier News.)

The "us vs them" situation in Quartzsite is serious enough without using who-reads-what criteria to add to it. I miss the members no longer coming to the Senior Center and invite them to return to socialize and have fun with all of us again. I don't care what publications they read or ignore. I only care about our members and the pleasure of their presence.

Wayne Wilson
Quartzsite Senior Center President


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