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Quartzsite, Arizona

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quartzsite Mayor Elect Jose Lizarraga thanks the community

I would like to thank the community for the privilege to help lead this town. There are so many people that took personal time, effort and funds to make this possible. You all did it without asking and with pride. I feel that this is the true strength of this town. People helping people for the greater benefit of the community and individuals that live here. Thank you.

We have a lot of hard work ahead of us. There will be many rough spots but I know that if we stay professional and continue to care for our neighbors we will all get though. I will be asking the council to make some difficult and complicated decisions. No matter what the outcome we must all remember that we work for the greater good of this community.

I challenge this community to come together. I challenge this community to stay positive. I challenge you not to hold a grudge. I wish that things would change overnight but I know different. I hope that with effort and positive attitude we can become a model town that others could only hope to imitate. It will not be because of me… It will be because of you. It WILL NOT be easy, but we CAN do it.

Thank you.
Jose Lizarraga
Citizen, Town of Quartzsite


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