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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quartzsite Publisher responds to letter in Desert Freedom Press

In "August 2011" Volume 1, Issue 14, of The Desert Freedom Press, there is a letter to the editor on page 4 written by Michel Halor that drew my attention. The paper has no particular date, other than "August 2011", but was uploaded to the Desert Freedom Press blog today.

The letter reads:

"I would like to clear my name from the false statements made in the May 18th, 2011 Volume 7 issue 131 of the Desert Messenger - in reference to my having a warrant and theft of stolen property.
These statements are in full, false, and I am considering this libel and defamation.
This has been a recurring issue on many occassions. I'm relaying this to you versus the DM because I hold little faith this would ever reach print or be edited truthfully. With all due respect, they need to get their facts right, this is not only embarrassing, but misinformation spreads rumors."
Michel Halor

Those are some rather strong accusations. The only reference I found to the name above was on Page 17 of Desert Messenger's May 18, 2011 issue under the Arrest Report from QPD. This report was emailed to the Desert Messenger by Linda Conley, previous clerk at Quartzsite Police Department. She is also one of the famous "Quartzsite 10", who now works for La Paz County Attorney's office.

I gotta say, that if my name mistakenly appeared under an arrest report, I sure as heck would not wait until 3 months later to complain to another paper about the situation. Jennifer Jones, of the Desert Freedom Press, should have done her due dilligence before printing such a letter (unless she was intentionally trying to shed a negative light upon the Desert Messenger)!

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