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Quartzsite, Arizona

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rumor control in Quartzsite - Successful Desert Gardens Show!

Information from Desert Gardens Holdings, LLC - General Manager

It has been brought to my attention that based on the improvements to the Show Grounds vendor space rental fee would be raised and that the Gems, Rocks and Minerals Show are not going well.  The facts are as follows:

a.      The property improvements were completed to provide better facilities for the vendors, visitors and to enhance the appearance of Desert Gardens and the Community.

b.      I do not intend to increase the space rental fees during the season.

c.      The current vendor space rental fee is $440.00 per month plus electricity during prime time and $225.00 per month before and after the show.

d.      A contract option is being added – the space rental fee for a 5 month period (November 1st – the last day in February) will be $1500.00 ($300.00 per month) plus electricity.  Those who accept this option will be locked in for two additional seasons.  Also, the last week of October will be for set-up at no charge to the vendor.

e.      According to the many vendors I have spoken with, the show is going quite well, they are making sales and they are very pleased.

Should there be any questions regarding Desert Gardens Holdings 
please contact me at 623-606-0053.

Dennis Kuehl


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