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Quartzsite, Arizona

Friday, January 18, 2013

Confusion in Quartzsite? Really?

Quartzsite, AZ - Evidently, once again, there is confusion between the two free papers in Quartzsite, Arizona. 

After receiving multiple phone calls and complaints about a certain cartoon published in Jennifer Jones' tabloid, Desert Freedom Press, I felt it necessary to clarify the situation.

Desert Messenger is not affiliated in any way with the tabloid Desert Freedom Press (AKA DFP). Desert Messenger is proud to maintain a Quartzsite business license. DFP does not, and has not since she began publishing over two years ago.

Jones publishes Richard Abbey's self-described "poorly drawn cartoons" in her tabloid. The recent uproar and complaints surround the latest cartoon Jones published on Page 5 of the Jan. 5, 2013 issue, which depicts a hamster holding a shotgun surrounded by dead birds on the ground. 

The headline reads, "HAMster" welcomes "snow birds" to Quartzfest

Amateur Radio Operators are fondly called HAMs. There is a Ham gathering in Quartzsite this week, called "Quartzfest" with already over 200 check ins for the 11 day event, however over 600 attended last year's famous event. 

According to Jacob C. Herman on

"Ham radios are also known as amateur radios, and they are becoming more popular among those who need a powerful communication device as well as computer hobbyists. They enable people to communicate with other amateur radio users in their countries and around the world. In fact, they are the most powerful wireless communication tools that are available to ordinary people, and they can even help connect users with astronauts in space.
Those who use ham radios are called “hams”, and there are presently millions of regular hams around the world. People from all walks of life use ham radios, ranging from movie stars and politicians to missionaries and students. They make use of different types of radio communication devices to participate in ham radio communication. While ham radios are mostly used for personal communication, there are communities of hams who use their radios to provide important information in their localities, such as emergency and disaster alerts. Ham radios offer a great way for users to make friends with people around the world." 

To learn more visit

Local Hams are well known for helping our local Quartzsite Police Officers during parades and other events and are well respected within the community. Amateur Radio Operators go through rigorous training and are licensed by the FCC.

Jones is famous for her support of our constitutional right of "Freedom of Speech." However, Freedom of speech does not include the right to incite actions that would harm others (e.g. shouting "fire" in a crowded theater. (Schenck v. United States, 249 U.S. 47 (1919)

If anyone else finds this cartoon offensive, I suggest you express your "Freedom of Speech" directly to the publisher, Jennifer Jones, at or call 928-785-6318. If no response, you can visit her at her Dog Grooming business located at Hassler's RV Park on Main Street, Quartzsite.

Abbey is not so publicly accessible. However if you'd like to directly complain and express your right to free speech to the cartoonist, he is on Facebook at

Needless to say, Jones DOES NOT speak for the majority of Quartzsite residents or snowbirds!

To learn more about Quartzfest 2013 events happening now, visit

Shanana "Rain" Golden-Bear,
Desert Messenger, now in our 9th Year in Quartzsite!


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