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Quartzsite, Arizona

Monday, June 4, 2012

Quartzsite Town Council refused to seat 2 elected officials

Quartzsite, Arizona- In an unprecedented move this morning, Quartzsite Town Council voted not to seat mayor-elect Ed Foster and council-elect Mark Orgeron. Council voted that Pat Workman is qualified to be seated as council person. 

Quartzsite Town Council held a special meeting at 9am to canvass the votes of the May 15th election and judge qualifications of three persons elected to the council. Town Manager, Alex Taft, explained they have "identified approximately168 voters that we need to look at more thoroughly, for a variety of reasons; out of state license plates, out of state registration, mailing addresses that are out of state, people who have not had their rights restored voting, people that are living in outlining areas and claiming they're living in town."

Council approved the canvass after Town Attorney, Martin Brannan explained the council has no other option. Brannan explained they "are accepting the count that was presented by the elections department."

Council met in three executive sessions for items on the agenda of judging the qualifications of Foster, Orgeron and Workman. When council returned, they voted that Foster is not qualified to be seated as mayor per Quartzsite Town Code. Section 2-1-10  (Ordinance 9-15) that "includes no delinquent or fixed fines, and penalties, user fees, permit fees and sales tax be owed to the Town of Quartzsite at the time of declaration of candidacy."

Council voted that Orgeron was not qualified to be seated after Brannan explained the law states one cannot be a "resident voter in another county."

Orgeron evidently presented council members with a letter to dispel all misinformation about his residency and qualifications for taking office. The cover letter is posted online at

Workman will replace Joe Winslow on the council. Swearing in will take place in the near future by Judge Lawrence King, who is not in town today.


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