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Quartzsite, Arizona

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quartzsite Mayor Lizarraga resigns

Mayor Lizarraga's resignation

Quartzsite, Arizona - Quartzsite Mayor Jose Lizarraga turned in his resignation yesterday, effective 5pm June 25, 2012. There was no mention of his resignation at this morning's Town Council meeting.

After Lizarraga did not attend this morning's Council meeting, he told Desert Messenger the rumors about his resignation were true. Lizarraga said, "I did it with a heavy heart, but it was time." He said his family was supportive of his decision. He did not state a reason in the letter, but chose to thank the council, staff and citizens of Quartzsite. 

Pressures have been building since the June 4th council meeting when Quartzsite Council refused to seat Ed Foster and Mark Orgeron after winning the election of May 15, 2012. Lizarraga opposed the council's decision to disqualify Foster. No reason was give at the meeting, however Foster told the town council won't seat him because he owes $2,200 in court-ordered attorney fees.

On Thursday, June 14, 2012, Sam Vederman's office, in the name of the State of Arizona, filed a Quo Warranto complaint, in La Paz County Superior Court, against Jose Lizarraga and Barbara Cowell, who had not voluntarily relinquished their offices to Mayor-Elect Foster and Council Member- Elect Orgeron.

Orgeron took his case to U.S. District Court in Phoenix, asking for an injunction to oust Lizarraga and Barbara Cowell. No decision has been issued as of this afternoon, but is expected within the next few days.

The results of the May 15 runoff election are as follows:
Mayor - Ed Foster received 401 votes (56.32%) and Jerry Lukkasson received 305 votes (42.84%).   
Council Member - Mark Orgeron received 398 votes (29.03%), Patricia Workman received 387 votes (28.23%), Barbara Cowell received 305 votes (22.25%) and Joe Winslow received 264 votes (19.26%).


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