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Quartzsite, Arizona

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Letter to the editor

What is the matter with this guy?

I attended the special council meeting regarding the budget [June 18, 2010]. Everyone should attend. If for no other reason than seeing who you voted for and watch how they perform.

The new member to the council is the mayor. He does not know how to turn his phone off or to silent operation. His phone rang three times during the meeting. Anyone whose phone rings twice should be removed from the building for interrupting the meeting.

The agenda called for a ‘Roll Call’, but the ‘new guy’ did not do that and later said, “I didn’t think we did that”. Why was it on the agenda? Did the ‘new guy’ not look at the agenda before and approve it or ask questions?

Instead of announcing a ‘Call to the Public’ the ‘new guy’ just asked if anyone had any more questions. Was he referring to the council or the public?

Does he know anything about running a meeting?

The ‘new guy’ also asked the financial people to create a ‘new form’ that would show the revenue source and how much has been spent to date. He was informed that this document was placed in the mail box of all council members three days before this meeting. He again asked that it be created (does he have a hearing problem) and attached to the council package. He never understood that the document already existed and all he had to do was look in his mail box. Does he need to be handed everything and have it explained to him?

I am happy we have six members on the council and a great town manager who know what is going on and will be able to guide the town until the next election.

Concerned taxpayer, Skip Gallup


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