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Quartzsite, Arizona

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Email accounts can get hacked.... mine was!

In the age of technology, email accounts are being hacked every day. 
Yup, I'm the latest in a long list of victims...
hackers are attempting to screw up people's lives. 
My Desert Messenger yahoo email was hacked yesterday! 


The issue been fixed....but as a reminder,

NEVER click on a link in an email that is: 

- a stand-alone link in an email 
            (with no explanation of where the link goes or what it is about)
- link with the subject field EMPTY
- without my signature contact information 

What to do if your email is hacked:
- CHANGE Email Password ASAP
- Check computer for any virus you may have picked up
- Read tips on safeguarding yourself :

Never send emails with stand alone links! 
If you want a friend to see something really cool online,
explain why you think they would like it, or why you liked it. 

I apologize for any inconvenience, ~ Rain


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