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Quartzsite, Arizona

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ADOT to hold public meeting on I-10 Corridor plans Nov. 8 in Quartzsite

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is conducting a long-range planning study for Interstate 10 called the I-10 Multimodal Corridor Profile Study. The study area for this project extends from downtown Phoenix (Central Avenue) to the Arizona/California border. Interstate 10 and Interstate 40 are the only interstate highways that cross the entire state of Arizona. As a continuous coast-to-coast national transportation route, I-10 is a principal freight route that connects the southern California deep-sea ports with major metropolitan areas in Arizona, Texas,  and Florida. The intent of the study is to take a comprehensive look at the planning studies that have been completed for this corridor and create a document that illustrates the projects and possible planning needs in the study area.

The public meeting is scheduled to be held at 6 pm on
November 8, 2012, at the  Quartzsite Town Hall, Quartzsite, AZ.

The goal of the study is different for the different segments of I-10 in Maricopa and La Paz counties. Each county has its own primary goal.

Maricopa County
•  Consolidate multiple planning documents into one document. Within Maricopa County, there are two studies that serve as the primary guide for the I-10 corridor: the MAG Regional Transportation Plan and the Interstate 10-Hassayampa Valley Transportation Framework Study. The I-10 Corridor Study will focus on compiling the recommendations from these studies and others into a single planning resource focused on the I-10 corridor. New alternatives and improvements will not be recommended within Maricopa County.

La Paz County
•  Consolidate multiple planning documents into one document.
•  Develop a clear vision for future transportation needs along the I-10 corridor. The segment of I-10 that traverses La Paz County has not had the same level of planning when compared to the Maricopa County segment; therefore, ADOT staff analyzed the I-10 corridor through La Paz County for transportation needs that included a range of mobility options, including personal and commercial vehicles, rail, air service and public transit.

The I-10 Corridor Study began in summer 2011 and is scheduled for completion in winter 2012.
Given the length of the corridor, a wide variety of interests will be affected, making public participation in the study process essential. The study team will meet with agency representatives to gather information about the study area.

In addition, a public meeting will be held during the alternative development phase of the study to inform, discuss, and gather comments about the study and proposed improvement projects. The public meeting is scheduled to be held at 6 pm on November 8, 2012, at the  Quartzsite Town Hall, Quartzsite, AZ.

Visit for more information about the study, or contact the study team.


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