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Quartzsite, Arizona

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Quartzsite activists released after being charged with felonies

Quartzsite, AZ - This morning, Judge  Newman released local activists Michael Roth and Dana Stadler on Own Recognizance after being charged with multiple felony and misdemeanor charges. Roth was also charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer. Their attorneys stated in court on April 19th that both wanted to "get out of town". Both Roth and Stadler were on a 3-month probation stemming from multiple convictions on 4-19-12. 

Michael Roth and Dana Stadler were both arrested at the Quartzsite Police Department Friday morning for separate but related incidents. Stadler was arrested for felony resisting arrest, misdemeanor disorderly conduct and misdemeanor criminal trespass. Roth was arrested for felony resisting arrest, felony aggravated assault on a peace officer, misdemeanor disorderly conduct and misdemeanor criminal trespass. Both were booked into the La Paz County jail. Roth and Stadler were recently placed on un-supervised probation related to a recent trial conviction in Quartzsite Magistrate court on 04-19-2012 

Quartzsite, AZ – Thursday, April 19, 2012, Quartzsite residents, Michael Roth, 47, and Dana Stadler, 59, were found guilty of Criminal Trespass and Criminal Damage. The charges stem from an incident on the night of September 26, 2012. Town staff arriving to work the next morning found numerous  chalk graffiti hate messages on the Town Hall Plaza steps, concrete surface, benches, and Library door. The messages included Swastikas, “Death to the Council”, and “Hang Gilbert” referring to Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert. Video surveillance recordings led to the arrests of Roth and Stadler. 
  Town of Quartzsite’s prosecutor Alan Kauffner, offered both Roth and Stadler plea bargains which were refused. 
  The Arizona Revised Statute ARS 13-1602 Section A 5) states: “Drawing or inscribing a message, slogan, sign or symbol that is made on any public or private building, structure or surface, except the ground, and that is made without permission of the owner.”
  Conspiracy charges were dismissed, as well as multiple charges for criminal trespass and criminal damage. Roth was found guilty on 1 count of Criminal Trespass, 1 count of Criminal Damage. Stadler was found guilty on 7 charges total, including 6 Criminal Damage and 1 Criminal Trespass. Judge Lawrence King sentenced each to 120 days jail time (credit for 2 days served) and $750 fine, however sentencing is to be suspended after completion of 3 month unsupervised probation. The Town declined restitution. 
   After the sentencing, Roth told Desert Messenger, “Fire Jeff Gilbert, elect an honest town council and Quartzsite will prosper again.” Stadler said he would agree with Roth “100 percent.” 
  When asked about his feelings on the conviction, Roth stated, “It’s bogus! There no video of me doing anything. This was a nationally promoted event. People did this all across the country. Sheriff Joe’s jail was chalked and nobody went to jail. Sheriff Joe, he’s one of the biggest Nazi’s in Arizona, next to our heir Gilbert, of course. This is selective. This is targeted. This is criminal.” 
  Roth continued, “If Jeff Gilbert keeps these policies up, something is going to happen to his officers, ‘cause somebody, less calm than me, less calm than Stadler, is going to do what’s already happened to a cop in this town. They’re going to mess with the wrong person and that blood will be on Jeff Gilbert’s hands.”


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