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Quartzsite, Arizona

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quartzsite unofficial results: Recalled Mayor Ed Foster wins over Jerry Lukkasson

Quartzsite, Arizona- Voters took to the polls today.  

626 votes were cast. The unofficial results show  

Ed Foster had 50.98% with 312 votes. 
Jerry Lukkasson had 38.40% with 235 votes.
Jenny Mills had 9.15% with 56 votes.
There were 9 Write-in votes cast.

9 candidates were seeking two Town Council positions:
Barbara Cowell had17.79% with 212 votes.
Pat Workman had 15.86% with 189 votes.
Joe Winslow had 14.43% with 165 votes.
Mark Orgeron had 13.84% with 165 votes.
It appears these top four will be in a run-off election in May.

Other candidates:
Jennifer Jones had 11.24% with 134 votes.
Starr BearCat had 8.72% with 104 votes.
Dean Taylor had 6.29% with 75 votes.
Sean Austin had 5.79% with 69 votes.
Bill Moore had 4.19% with 50 votes.
There were 22 write-in votes cast.

In the Vacancy Council Member race:
Mike Jewitt appears to reclaim his seat with 51.97% and 251 votes.
There were 232 write-in votes cast (John Prutch) with 48.03% of the votes. 

74.87% of the voters rejected a resolution to replace town ordinance asking to appoint the mayor, rather than by vote.
25.13% of the voters wanted the new town ordinance. 

The official results should be released later this week. 


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