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Quartzsite, Arizona

Monday, November 5, 2012

Quartzsite Interim Town Manager terminates Town Attorney contract


Quartzsite, Arizona.
In a letter dated October 30, 2012 Quartzsite Interim Town Manager Laura Bruno terminated Town Attorney Martin Brannan's contract "for Cause". Bruno claims Brannan committed a Material Breach of the contract including
* Violation of AZ Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys by allegedly Giving advice to council members regarding personnel matters and then initiated legal action when they failed to follow his advise;
* Material Misrepresentation to Quartzsite Town Council and Violation of Town Procurement Code by  claiming he was authorized by council to hire investigative firm regarding voter fraud, without approval of the council.
* Brannan repeatedly requested notice of constructive discharge (when an employee believes working conditions may have become intolerable) from then Acting Town Manager Teri Frausto
* Brannan abandoned his position by packing up belongings;
* Intimidation of Acting Town Manager and Coercion;
* Acting in violation of his duties of loyalty.

According to the letter, Bruno has set an appointment with  Brannan on Friday, Nov. 9th to discuss the reasons for termination.


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