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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Unofficial results La Paz County elections August 28, 2012

Unofficial Election results for La Paz County 
were released with all 12 precincts reporting.

With 9621 registered voters in the county, 2375 ballots were cast on Tuesday, August 28th, 2012. 
Voter turnout was 24.69%. 

La Paz County Supervisor Races:
District 1: Mesena "Missy" Gilbert (Dem) will face D.L. Wilson (Rep) in November. Gilbert received 158 votes. In the Republican race, Wilson got 285 votes, Steve Madoneczky 171.

District 2: Richard Dinolfi (Dem) will face King E. Clapperton (Rep) in November.
Democrat Dinolfi received 180 votes. In the Republican race, Clapperton received 201 votes, Anna Camacho 178,  Monty Rust 151, Lyle Browning 132, Pat Jones 126.

District 3: There was no Democrat candidate. In the Republican race, Holly Irwin received 212 votes, Blain Harold 177, Jennifer Jones 55.

County Attorney: Republican Sam Vederman ran unopposed and received 1251 votes.

La Paz County Sheriff: Candy Escorza ran unopposed in the Democratic race. In November, she will face John Drum (Rep) who received 859 votes. Ken "Packy" Schwab (Rep) received 817 votes.

County Treasurer: Republican Leah Castro ran unopposed receiving 1372 votes.

County Recorder: Republican Shelly Baker ran unopposed, receiving 1385 votes.

County School Superintendent: Janice Shelton (Rep) won her race with 1077 votes. Jim Cleere received 446 votes.

County Assessor: Democrat William "Squeak" Kossnar ran unopposed in his race receiving 441 votes. He will face Republican Sharon Schuler who also ran unopposed, receiving 1291 votes.


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