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Quartzsite, Arizona

Friday, July 20, 2012

Quartzsite woman's emotional expression after Aurora's mass shootings


By Hygeia Halfmoon
Just weeks ago former and recalled mayor Ed Foster had the audacity to tell a reporter for all the world to see and hear him say that if our town government doesn’t seat him, then someone is gonna come into Town Hall with a gun and start shooting.
Ed Foster, how DARE you make such a riduculously irresponsible comment that first of all is absolutely not true and second of all is capable of inciting such behavior by the mere suggestion…just like when you incited to riot last summer, and lied to the world about our police chief putting Quartzsite Town under martial law.
A few hours ago, a gunman went into a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado and started shooting…fourteen people are dead thus far and fifty are wounded.  Hundreds of police officers from all over had to rush there for the sake of the injured, the anguished, the shocked, the chaos, and the crowd control not to mention needing to apprehend the man responsible for this horrific act.
And you, Ed Foster, have the sociopathic mentality to flippantly tell the world that someone’s gonna come into Town Hall with a gun and start shooting just because we don’t want another round of bullying from you!!!  Who the hell  do you think you are????
And Jade, I dare you to critique the videos of the police officers who are at this very moment dealing with the nightmare in a movie theatre up north…I dare you to accuse them of something when none of them are gonna make their way home for hours to come and then when they finally do, they must find a way to take a shower and go to bed with this real life nightmare still in their head…the cries from those in physical pain, the primal screams  from those who now face the death of loved ones, the trauma that will never leave those who were lucky enough to leave the theatre alive.
How DARE the negative faction including Ed Foster, Jennifer Jade Jones, Pat Workman, Michael Roth, Dana Stadler, Richard Oldham, Richard Abbey, Doug Gilford, and every other damn one of you right along with your followers who exploit the media and claim your constitutional rights to harass our community…how DARE you make light of the serious nature of a killing spree!!!
Right this moment there is a police chief in Aurora, Colorado who has the weight of the world on his shoulders.  Police Chief Dan Oates is experiencing the worst nightmare his department could face and there’s people in the world like Ed Foster and his bunch of thugs who would rather criticize, falsely accuse, and incite for the sheer fun of it (how else do you explain those smirks on your faces that each and every one of you negative faction members wear?) than to experience respect and awe for the ones in life who actually make a contribution to society…the ones who risk their lives for our safety…the ones who maintain order at our town council meetings when all you want to do is cause chaos.
So here’s a big SCREW  YOU!!! to Ed Foster, Pat Workman, Jennifer Jade Jones and the rest of your sociopathic party, and here’s a huge THANK YOU!!!!!!! to every police officer who has to deal with people who actually go on killing sprees as well as those who exploit this insane idea for their own gain, and here’s a river of tears for the victims of one man’s insanity in Aurora, Colorado.
[Editor's NOTE: The above was written by Hygeia Halfmoon early Friday morning, shortly after hearing of the senseless theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado. Her level of frustration is what many have felt, but cannot express into words. Around town, residents were expressing how grateful they were for her words at this time. We may not always agree with each other, but we are all feeling the pain of those who suffered in last night's shootings. Their pain is our pain, and Quartzsite has felt enough pain.
When these tragic events occur, we are reminded of how we are so very connected to each other. To hear the pain of a mother learning of her daughter's death, her willingness to be interviewed, and to share her pain with the nation on television, is beyond what many can imagine. Many of our Quartzsite residents have suffered, on all sides of the political realm. As our president said today, there will be time for politics, but today is not that day. 
Tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning.
I, along with Oprah, ask for those of all religious persuasions to offer prayers tomorrow at 9am for the healing of our nation; the healing of our wounds; that those who are so angry find an avenue to release their frustrations in a healthy manner, without not causing more harm to others. It is time for us to come together as a community, not just in Quartzsite, but as the community of our humanity. A community of loving, caring people who can forgive the harsh words and deeds of those who have caused so much harm. A community willing to come together for the greater good of the whole.
It has been a hard day for many empathetic people. Tears have been shed all around the world for those who lost their lives today, their families and friends. Those who survived that horrible ordeal will never be the same, and the community of Aurora showed how to come together tonight, saying, "Aurora is STRONG!" I suggest Quartzsite community come together in the same way, for QUARTZSITE IS STRONG! ~ God Bless our Country and our Town ~ Rain] 


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