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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Best of Quartzsite winners 2011

Okay folks, here are the winners in the first ever Best of Quartzsite! The ballots were published in the Desert Messenger both issues in November, 2011.

When all the negative publicity of Quartzsite dominated the media during the summer, I felt it was time to celebrate what we do right in Quartzsite! I’ve taken alot of heat from folks not understanding the power of celebrating the good in our lives. I really don’t believe good old fashioned competition is bad for the economy or our community. As I sat with the piles of ballots and the huge list of categories I created, I wondered how crazy I was to attempt this! But, your responses were so overwhelming, I had to get ‘er done! Winners get bragging rights, and everyone who received just one vote is listed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write in your favorites. Congratulations to everyone! Quartzsite Rocks!!!

Best Alternative Energy: Solar & Sun won overwhelmingly with Solar Panels, Coal, and Discount Solar coming in close behind.

Best BBQ: Jerky Store & More on Hwy. 95 was the only one to receive votes, other than “slim pickin’s”!

Best Biscuits and Gravy: This was a very popular contest for who had the best in town. Main St. Eatery came out on top, followed by Mostly Wood Gift Shop & Restaurant, Sweet Darlene’s, La Casa del Rancho and the QIA.

Best Breakfasts: Once again the Eatery beat out the pack. Sweet Darlene’s came in a close second, followed by the following ties: Bad Boy’s Café, La Casa del Rancho, Mt. Quail Café.

Best Burgers: this was surprising, as Burger King barely beat out the Eatery, with Carl’s Jr. and McDonald’s.

Best Cell Phone Coverage: Verizon was the huge winner in Quartzsite! No other service was mentioned.

Best Coffee: The Eatery came out piping hot, with Scenic Road’s Kona Coffee in 2nd place. Followed by La Casa del Rancho, Sweet Darlene’s, Love’s and McDonald’s.

Best Dinner: The Eatery barely beat out La Casa del Rancho with Sweet Darlene’s, Grub Stake Grill, followed by Sizzler in Blythe.

Best Food Vendor: The General Store got the most votes, followed by Pig N a Poke at the Main Event, Jack’s Indian Taco at Main Event, Bad Boys, The Eatery, and Rockin’ Robins.

Best Friday Night Fish: There were a lot of votes in this category. It seems folks in Quartzsite love their Friday Night Fish Fry. Sweet Darlene’s was the huge favorite with The Eatery coming in close behind. The Grub Stake and Yacht Club fared well, also, as well as the VFW.

Best Desert Golf Course: Quartzsite Golf Course scored a hole in one with the most votes, with Greasewood coming in not far behind. District Club also was mentioned.

Best Ice Cream, Pies, Dessert: Dorothy & Toto’s Ice Cream & Kettle Corn was the favorite (they just opened in their new building next to D&B Leather!) Grandma’s Pies, Sweet Darlene’s & Quartzsite Bakery tied close behind. Vendors at Rice Ranch, DQ, and McDonald’s were also mentioned.

Best Indian Taco: Joan’s Fry Bread edged out Pig in a Poke and Jacks at Main Event. There’s evidently a good Indian Taco at the Potpourri held in Parker.

Best Jerky: The Jerky Store & More on Hwy. 95 received the most votes, followed by Daniel’s Jerky on W. Main.

Best Antiques: Burt & Billie’s edged out Vendors at QIA, Vendors at Sell-a-Rama, Vendors at Hi Alley & Jim Shiew.

Best Place for New/Used Books: Readers Oasis overwhelmingly received the most votes. Other entries included the Quartzsite Library, Main St. Laundromat, and

Best Place to Buy Rocks: T-Rocks rocked this category, followed by QIA Pow Wow, GFWC annual yard sale, Hi Alley Swap Meet, Rocks in my Head at Rice Ranch, PNQ’s Rock Auction, Hardie’s Beads & Jewelry, and Gem Shop.

Best Place to Buy RV Batteries: RV Lifestyles got the most votes! Discount Solar and Solar Bill’s came in close behind.

Best Place to buy something cool you don’t really need: Addicted to Deals came in first among the long list: GFWC annual yard sale, Gambler’s, yard sales, K&K Kitchen, Hardies, Costco, & Family Dollar.

Best Prime Rib: The Eatery beat out Mt. Quail and VFW.

Best RV Repair Service: RV Lifestyles and their friendly staff received the most votes, followed by Running Lizard, Mark Fuller, Coat’s RV and “my retired husband”!

Best Sandwiches: Jerky Store & More beat out The Eatery by just a few votes! Following them were Silly Al’s, Subway, and Patty’s.

Best Spaghetti garnished lots of votes. The winner is The Eatery, with Celia’s Rainbow Garden’s Spaghetti feed coming in close behind! Sweet Darlene’s, La Casa del Rancho, Yacht Club also received votes with one for “my wife’s”!

Best Storage: Paradise RV Storage came in first over Rose RV and Betty Hunter Storage.

Best time to visit Qtz. PO: “Summer” was the overwhelmingly popular answer, which included votes for July and August. Then there were the times of 2:30-4pm, 3-3:30pm and the one that made me smile was “after 4pm”!

Best use of Rock Yard Art: Celia’s Rainbow Gardens received the most votes here! Coyote Pass RV Park’s new water feature was also mentioned, along with Swanson’s old place on Desert Ave., and La Posa South.

Favorite area at Celia’s Gardens: The Veterans Area/Soldier Village received the most votes. The trails, the kid’s handprints brick wall, Rock Club area, and the center were also mentioned as beautiful places to visit.

Favorite ATV Trail: Dripping Springs, followed by Old Yuma Rd., Communication Hill, Railroad Pass-Bouse, and Stone Cabin trails were also mentioned.

Favorite Auto Repair: Best Auto barely came out ahead of Everett’s Towing, closely followed by American Tire, Taylor’s in Blythe, and “my retired husband”!

Favorite Bartender: Dianne of Yacht Club brought in the most votes, followed by Carol of Beer Belly’s, Diane at Silly Al’s Pizza, Terry at Yacht Club, Grubstake, and “myself” actually received two votes!

Favorite BLM Volunteer: Alice at La Posa South edged out Ellen at Tyson Wash, the folks at Plamosa Rd., and Lyle.

Favorite Charity event: Celia’s Rainbow Gardens’ Spaghetti Feed dominated the category followed by PNQ’s Rock Auction and GFWC Fashion Show.

Favorite Cook: Bud at the Eatery beat his co-workers, Janet & LaMont, but Abel at Times Three, came in a close second to Bud. Bob Nickerson was also mentioned for his cinnamon rolls.

Favorite Dog Groomer: Hollywood Pets edged out Cindy’s Pet Service. Marie(before she died) and Jade were also mentioned.

Favorite Electrician: Running Lizard edged out Dennis McGuiness, Denny Davey of Tews RV, Jim, John Prutch, Countrywide Bob Amos, J&S Electric of Parker.

Favorite Gas Station brought in the most votes of any category! Who would have guessed? Chevron took the most votes, followed closely by Pilot, Loves, Shell, ARCO & Mobil.

Favorite Honey Wagon: The Honeysuckles received the most votes, with Old Blue and La Posa South Petunia following closely behind…tee hee…

Favorite Desert Landmark: Halsey Williams Mill on Q Mountain came if first, with mentions of Aviation Tower (n of town), Dripping Springs, Scotty Dog (s of town), Dome Rock, Jack Cruikshandk cabin, Main St. landmark near Tyson Wash Bridge, Q Mountain, Palm Canyon, Sleeping Indian and Saguaro Cactus.

Favorite Live Performance: Paul Winer’s QIA performance received the most votes. The New Christy Minstrels at QIA, The Eatery’s Dinner Club Event, and Rock Club Variety Show at QIA also garnished votes.

Favorite Music Jam: La Posa South’s Tuesday Jam was the favorite, with Scenic Road RV singing a close second, followed by Arizona Sun RV , Holiday Palms RV, and QIA Desert Music.

Favorite Karaoke: Silly Al’s Pizza received the most votes! The Yacht Club and Taco Mio were right behind along with QIA.

Favorite Plumber: Long time resident, Dennis Dole received the most votes! Denny Davy and Running Lizard followed close behind.

Favorite QES staff member: Debbie Peterson edged out Linda Ward for the wonderful work with our elementary school children!

Favorite RV Park: This category had the most nominees. Tews RV Park beat the pack, just edging out Sunsetters RV. Scenic Road and JR’s closely followed, with other mentions of Mt. View, Cactus Patch, Quail Run, Cloud’s Trailer Park, Mt. Quail I & II, Al’s RV Park, Winter Haven, Tyson RV Park, La Posa North, and La Posa South.

Favorite Scholars’ staff member: Principle Steve McClenning brought in the most votes, followed by Julie Anderson.

Favorite Street Name: No Name Street clearly was the most favorite! Other names receiving votes were Hummingbird, Riggles, Quail Trail, Lollipop Lane, Cowell, and Moon Mountain Rd.

Favorite Waitperson: Michelle Lukkasson of The Eatery received top honors. Karen Day of Mt. Quail/Q-Town tied with Sandy of Sweet Darlene’s, followed by Diane of Yacht Club, Joanie Qualls of Times Three, Carol of Beer Belly’s, Callie of Palo Verde, Cindy of La Casa del Rancho, and Dianne of Sweet Darlene’s.

Favorite Youth Activity: Movies at First Assembly of God edged out the Boy Scouts, 4-H, Summer crafts at AWC and Football.

Friendliest Propane Service: goes to RV Pit Stop edged out the Jerky Store & More/Desert Propane. Patty’s RV, Suburban Propane, and A&B Propane also received votes.

Hardest working Medical Professional: Frances of La Paz Medical Clinic edged out Doctors O & P, Dr. Sumar, the nurse, and Dr. Hadlock, (veterinarian).

Hardest working Town employee: Town Manager, Alex Taft dominated the category. QPD Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert came in a close second, followed by Mayor Jose Lizarraga (not an actual employee), Debbie Dupree of Public Works, Julie Pieper at Town Hall, QPD Officer Rick Patterson, and Rick Smith “the tree waterer”.

Most community minded business person: Michelle and Jerry Lukkasson received the most votes. Also receiving votes were Sherri & Rick Garlow of Quartzsite General Store, Shanana Rain Golden-Bear, and Steven Bennett.

Most Dedicated Community Volunteer: Carol Kelley edged out Marilyn McFate, closely followed by Joanne Winer, Sandee Wall, Michelle Lukkasson, Shanana Rain Golden-Bear, Mary Huntley, and Monica Timberlake.

 Marilyn McFate deserves a big shout out for being the only one to fill out every category on the ballot! Whoo hooo! You rock, Marilyn!

Congratulations to all the Best of Quartzsite Winners and everyone mentioned.
Everyone is a winner!
Celebrate with gratitude the wonderful people who make Quartzsite what it is today!
Quartzsite Rocks!


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