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Quartzsite, Arizona

Friday, June 17, 2011

DPS investigation report on Police Chief Jeff Gilbert available

Quartzsite, AZ- The original Arizona DPS Report investigating Chief Gilbert is available for review at the Quartzsite Library for anyone to look at. The report dated June 2010, stemmed from complaints made by Mayor Ed Foster.
It is a reference report and you can only read it at the library. It is not available for check-out. Just ask at the front desk staff if you need any help.

UPDATED JULY 3rd: regarding comment made by vigilante vendor:

Just to clarify facts about the report in the library: it was compiled by DPS(AZ Dept. of Public Safety), NOT the town council as stated by "vigilante vendor" "with nothing omitted. It is an exact copy," said Quartzsite Town Manager, Alex Taft. According to Taft, Jennifer "Jade" Haris-Jones' (AKA "vigilante vendor")complaints went to U.S. District Court in Phoenix and the case was dismissed. Then she hired an attorney and has refiled in La Paz County Superior Court.

Mrs. Jones has multiple criminal charges against her as well as other court cases pending. She has been arrested four times since returning to Quartzsite in October. She is also a candidate for mayor, however many residents have been vocal questioning the validity of her residency qualifications.


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