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Quartzsite, Arizona

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Town Council special meeting Friday, April 22, at 3:30pm at Town Hall.

Items to be discussed:


042211 – SP1. Discussion and possible approval to apply for a Bureau of Reclamation grant to seek an appraisal for the Town’s Colorado River Water Allocation. (not open for public discussion)
Terry Frausto, Grants Administrator

042211 – SP2. Discussion and possible action to authorize Town Manager to sign an addendum to the contract of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion to include additional services, based on direction from Council. (Not open for public discussion)
Jerry Lukkasson, Council Member

042211 – SP3. Discussion only regarding Ordinance No. 11-02, amending the Town of Quartzsite Zoning Ordinance, by adopting reasonable regulations related to use of land for medical marijuana dispensaries and related uses. (Open for public discussion)
Jeff Gilbert, Police Chief

042211 – SP4. Discussion only regarding mobile home subdivision zoning. (Not open for public discussion)
Al Johnson, Planning and Zoning

042211 – SP5. Discussion and possible action to release Matt Newman from his prosecutorial duties. (Not open for public discussion)
Alex Taft, Town Manager


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