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Quartzsite, Arizona

Monday, July 12, 2010

Quartzsite Mike receives help from Best Auto

Quartzsite Mike, (right) and his friend, Ralph Martin, (left)
telling stories of the good ol' days!

"Quartzsite Mike" wanted to move his non-running RV from the back of his property to the front, under shelter, so his friend, Ralph Martin, made arrangements with Johnny DelPino, of Best Auto, to move it for free. Johnny and three of his workers: Joey, Ray, & Ronnie, arrived shortly after 7 am Friday with a tractor to move the long RV.
Quartzsite Mike owns the famous "Welcome Back, Snowbirds" sign on the corner of Washington and W. Sunset. Mike said he's lived in Quartzsite for "a real long time, at least 30 years!"
It was quite a scene as the tractor pulled the RV out onto the street, around the corner, and backed it into the driveway, under the metal shelter. Now Quartzsite Mike can access it more easily.

By the way, Quartzsite Mike is 86 years young.

When asked about his youthful appearance, he said, "I just keep busy!"

His cactus are beautiful and he even has a small orchard in the back.

If you see Johnny around town, be sure to say thank you for his creative solution to Mike's challenge!


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