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Quartzsite, Arizona

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite

Quartzsite-There’s a new association in town! Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite is inviting the public to an organizational / brainstorming / round table discussion Friday, May 15 at 6:30pm at the Quartzsite Senior Center.

Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite (PNQ) is established to provide benefits to local charities and non-profit groups by promoting the community of Quartzsite, and the surrounding area, through quality local celebrations!

PNQ’s Treasurer, Angie Masales, said, "Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite would like to thank every person, business, and organization that we have talked to about our mission (Partnering together for a better community with businesses, organizations, residents and visitors. To celebrate southwest Arizona as an exciting, fun destination by providing events and opportunities unique to the area) and vision (The communities that play together stay together). Your support is greatly appreciated."

According to PNQ’s president, Starr BearCat, "Some things have not been working very well for the betterment, growth, and prosperity of the town and its citizens. If one keeps doing the same old thing and getting the same old results, it is time for a change and do something different. That’s why I got involved."

"Everyone is a neighbor! We want everyone to be a Proud Neighbor of Quartzsite!" said Shanana "Rain" Golden-Bear, PNQ’s Secretary. "We have many fun events planned where people will be be proud to live in and visit Quartzsite again!"

"We would like you to keep your ears and eyes open for interested parties from Cibola, Ehrenberg, Brenda, La Paz Valley, Rainbow Acres, and Bouse, and ask that you extend an invitation to them, for us, to participate in our discussions. We would like to be sure to include all of our Quartzsite Neighbors in any events and projects that we may undertake," Masales said.
Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite has simple roles, "Play Nice!" "In our actions we ask ourselves, How Does This Benefit the Community? How Can We Make Things Better for the People? We, at Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite, refer to the arena that we are playing in, as "The Sand Box." This is because it goes back to the teachings that we all learned in Kindergarten. Play Nice, Don’t Talk Bad of Others, Help Each Other and Share."

"I invite every one to come and play in the Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite Sand Box for be betterment of our chosen community," said BearCat.
A take on the group’s initials, PNQ, people are asked to "mind their P’s and Q’s"! Golden-Bear said the initials were not planned that way, but it serves as a great message for all "players".

If you would like to "play" with Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite, they are looking for lots of volunteers and folks with ideas. Please contact Angie Masales, 928-927-3845 or Rain, of the Desert Messenger, 928-785-7204.

Also check out their website:

Intersted folks are invited to join in their new social networking site, to stay in touch throughout the year, and a place to have a voice.


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