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Quartzsite, Arizona

Friday, December 19, 2008

Editorial from 12-17-08

"Economy is going down hill"...blah, blah, blah... Oh, how the media feeds the fear! Did you know that there’s only two basic emotions? Every emotion stems from either Fear or Love. I choose to feed the Love! How about you?

I fell in love with Quartzsite in 1987, but back then, I did not know why. It took me many years to return, however, Quartzsite has me now!

This town is so amazing. Look around will see many elders with years of experience, entrepreneurs on every corner, some large, some Mom & Pop businesses, and then there’s Carl’s Jr. who’s founder began with just a single hot dog cart. Any one of the vendors here could have that same success! We never really know, so let’s support them all and create a welcoming environment.

From their first visit to Town Hall to get a permit, to dealing with the Fire Dept. and the Health Dept., to helping create a warm friendly town where vendors and visitors will want to return year after year! This is important for the ability of this town to not just to survive, but to thrive!
It’s so easy to fall into the habit of finding faults and focus in on those. The laws of attraction teach us that whatever we focus on we will attract more of into our lives. So, with this paper, I want to focus on the positive! I urge all readers to also focus on the positive events in your life.
Gratitude is a powerful gift. When we share our gratitude with others, we will have more to be grateful for. In these challenging times, not just for us as a town, but the whole country, and even worldwide, it is time to be grateful for every little thing! They really do all add up!

We are so lucky to be living in such a wonderful community, filled with abundance, not only in material possesions, but in the love and friendship of our residents and winter visitors!

Where else can you drive down the street and folks walking their dog will wave to you and smile?


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