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Quartzsite, Arizona

Monday, September 10, 2012

Town issues press release of Dept. of Justice decision re: Ed Foster

DOJ decision TofQtz

Town of Quartzsite issued a press release stating they received notification from the United States Department of Justice that the Attorney General of the United States does not interpose any objection to the changes in qualifications for persons wishing to serve on the Quartzsite Common Council as codified in Quartzsite Ordinance Number 09-15. 

Ordinance 09-15 created Quartzsite Town Code Section 2-1-10(B) which prohibits anyone owing delinquent or fixed fines and penalties, user frees, permit fees, and sales taxes to the town from serving on the Common Council. 

This section was used by the Common Council of the Town of Quartzsite to judge Edward L. Foster, who garnered the most votes in the most recent mayoral election, disqualified from holding the position. Foster owes the towns attorney fees imposed by the Superior Court as a penalty when Foster filed an unsuccessful suit against the Town in 2011 attempting to get the Courts to stop his recall from office.


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