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Quartzsite, Arizona

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Quartzsite activities this weekend! Parade, Crafts, Soup, BBQ, Dances, Jams, more!

Lots of activities in Quartzsite this weekend!

It's going to be a great Yard Sale Weekend- all over town including 
Lutheran Church, RV Parks and multi-families. 

Check this week's Desert Messenger, ,for list on page 37.

Some events this weekend include QIA Craft Show, VFW Chiknik fundraiser at Fire Station, Soup & Chowder Festival fundraiser for Food Bank at QIA, and the Annual Christmas Light Parade down Main St. ending at Town Hall. Music Jams, Bingo at QIA, Dances at Senior Center and QIA, and lots more happening in Quartzsite!

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Scam Alert for busy shopping season

Scammers are taking advantage of the holiday shopping season with fake email shipping notifications that pose as FedEx, UPS or the United States Postal Service. This holiday season, don't let these scams fool you into opening a virus on your computer. 
How the Scam Works:
You receive an email message that appears to be a shipping notification for a package. You've been doing your holiday shopping online, so you figure it must be something you've ordered. Curious, you open the email and attachment.
When you click on the file, you find that it isn't a tracking notification after all. It's really a virus that will download to your computer. Typically, these viruses phish for personal and banking information on your machine. But the FBI recently warned about the resurgence of a type of virus called "ransomware." Once downloaded, this virus will lock your computer and urge you to pay a ransom to the scammer responsible. 
Like all scams, this one has many variations. Scammers have posed as FedEx, UPS, USPS and even big online retailers, like Amazon. They also change up the email content. A common version of this scam is a fake delivery failure notification. Scammers claim the attached virus is the receipt you need to collect your package from the local office. 
Tips to Avoid Email Scams:
Spot common email scams by following these tips: 
1.      Don't believe what you see. Scammers make emails appear to come from a reputable source. Just because it looks like an "" address does not mean it's safe. 
2.      Be wary of unexpected emails that contain links or attachments. As always, do not click on links or open the files in unfamiliar emails. 
3.      Beware of pop-ups. Some pop-ups are designed to look like they've originated from your computer. If you see a pop-up that looks like an anti-virus software but warns of a problem that needs to be fixed with an extreme level of urgency, it may be a scam. 
4.      Watch for poor grammar and spelling. Scam emails often are riddled with typos. 
5.      Immediate action is necessary. Scam emails try to get you to act before you think by creating a sense of urgency. Don't fall for it. 
For More Information

For more information about scams, see BBB's Scam Stopper.  Check out FedEx and UPS websites for more information about fake shipping emails and examples of typical scams. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Quartzsite to get much needed Dog Park

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona 

Promotes Wellness and Sense of Community by Funding

 Improvements to Quartzsite Town Park

(PHOENIX –Nov. 10, 2014) – With a continued focus on promoting health, wellness, and community, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (BCBSAZ) is proud to provide improvement funding to Quartzsite Town Park. In honor of its 75th anniversary statewide outreach campaign, “Arizonans First. Always.,” the generous donation from BCBSAZ will be used for various park enhancements, including development of the town’s first dog park. The much-needed park improvements will encourage physical activity, community spirit and greater enjoyment of the public space by Quartzsite residents and visitors.

Quartzsite Town Park is located on the northwest corner of N. Plymouth Ave and Chandler. As the centerpiece of Quartzsite, it hosts various community gatherings and events including an annual Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July and Labor Day celebrations, car shows and a summer program for children. It is enjoyed by thousands of people every year, especially when the population of Quartzsite swells in the winter months with RV visitors in town for the gem show and swap meets.

"The Town of Quartzsite is very thankful for the donation from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona,” said Skylor Miller, Quartzite Town Manager. “With this funding, the Town will be able to move forward with a much needed amenity in our park."

“Quartzsite Town Park is a hallmark of the community that serves as a gathering place for residents and visitors of Quartzsite alike,” said Rich Boals, president and CEO of BCBSAZ. “We are happy to fund park enhancements that will encourage increased physical activity, resulting in better overall health and wellness in one of the communities we serve.”

The “Arizonans First. Always.” campaign has already visited Pima, Maricopa, Santa Cruz, Cochise, Greenlee, Graham, Apache, Navajo and Mohave counties. Following La Paz County, BCBSAZ will visit Coconino County. To learn more about BCBSAZ and its 75 years in Arizona, visit

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Unofficial general election results for Quartzsite, AZ Nov. 4th, 2014

Quartzsite, AZ
By Shanana Rain Golden-Bear
·            La Paz County continues to tabulate ballots from the 2014 General Election. State law gives the counties five business days, until the end of Wednesday, November 12th, to verify and process the remaining early and provisional ballots. The unofficial results were released late Tuesday evening. All 11 districts had reported. Quartzsite Precinct 58 (north) had a voter turnout of 42.84%. Quartzsite Precinct 64 (south) had 44.22% turnout.

·           QUARTZSITE TOWN COUNCIL:  5 candidates ran for two (2) four-year council seats. Carol Kelley received 246 votes (25.20%) Terry Frausto received 202 votes (20.70%), Hal Davidson received 200 votes (20.49%) Bradley Trainer received 179 votes (18.34%). Monica Timberlake received 141 votes (14.45%) With just 2 votes separating Frausto and Davidson, there will be recount.

·         SCHOOL BOARD QES DISTRICT 4:  8 candidates ran for three (3) 4-year seats. Incumbent Monica Timberlake received 349 votes (19.49%). Carrollynn Henshaw received 327 votes (18.26%). Yesenia Jackson received 284 votes (15.86%)
Shirley Foster received 266 votes (14.85%). Bonnie Quintana received 175 votes (9.77%). Cindy Drakulich received 150 votes (8.38%). Iliana Cruz received 139 votes (7.76%). Irene Segura received 95 votes (5.30%).

·         La Paz County races: Tammy Carnevale (R) ran unopposed for JUSTICE OF THE PEACE JP 4 and received 686 votes (98.0%).

·         CONSTABLE JP4: Marie Wister (R)  received 578 votes (71.01%) Starr BearCat (D) received 235 votes (28.87%).

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Quartzsite Halloween Walk planned for Friday, Oct. 31st

Join the fun! Halloween Walk on Friday, Oct. 31st

Sponsored by The PTA, Town of Quartzsite, Rotary, PNQ, QPD, & QFD

• 4:30 pm Kids Fun, Games, Costume Contest & Prizes,
Free Hot Dogs for Kids, at Community Center
• 5:30 pm
Trick or Treating along the Haunted Walking
Path from Community Center to Town Hall
• 6:00- 8:00 pm Haunted House at Town Hall

The public is encouraged to come on down and see all the kids in costume. Folks can park along the street on E. Quail Trail, in the parking lots at the Community Center or at Town Hall. Please be mindful that Quail Trail will be closed at 5:30 pm. There will be 15 MPH speed limit and barricades in the area to keep our youth safe.
Businesses, Organizations, RV Parks and Groups are encouraged to participate. You can set up a “station” (Table, Traditional Trunk or Treat, Booth, Themed Spooky Scene, etc.) in one of three locations: outside the Community Center, along the decorated walking path on E. Quail Trail, or Town Hall. 

For More Info contact Town Hall 928-927-4333.
Businesses/groups wishing to donate candy or set up, call Rain 928-916-4235.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Losing candidate Jennifer Jones files claim against Towns of Quartzsite, Parker, a Judge and Desert Messenger Publisher

By Shanana Rain Golden-Bear
Desert Messenger Publisher

Jones' Campaign Scooter
© Desert Messenger
Quartzsite, AZ - Within hours after losing her bid for Arizona State Representative District 5 in August 26th primary election, Jennifer Marie Jones filed a new claim in U.S. District Court - Phoenix, AZ.

The claim dated August 27th, 2014 names the following defendants:
The Town of Parker, Town of Quartzsite, Parker Magistrate James Putz-Artrup, Quartzsite Prosecutor David Ward, former Quartzsite Town Manager Laura Bruno (& husband), former Quartzsite Community Developer Director Stephen Henrichs (& wife), Quartzsite Council Members Mark Orgeron, (& wife) Norma Crooks (& husband), Carol Kelley, and Mike Jewitt (& wife); and Desert Messenger Publisher Shanana "Rain" Golden-Bear.

Jones, who represents herself, alleges in the 28-page Complaint CV-14-01907-PNX-SPL, that defendants violated her rights when Quartzsite Police Dept. and Henrichs visited her location at Rice Ranch Swap Meet on August 22, 2013 with a warrant to inspect a 1956 trailer to ensure compliance with Town Codes. According to a press release issued by the Town of Quartzsite they found 15 Pit Bull dogs housed in cages in the trailer. The Town of Quartzsite emailed the press release to the Arizona Republic, Parker Pioneer, Palo Verde Times, and Desert Messenger. It was published on this blog on Aug. 26, 2013. Jones alleges the Press Release was "libelous and defamatory."

Jones' Facebook page profile photo

Jones publishes The Desert Freedom Press, a free tabloid, and proudly proclaims on the paper's Facebook page, "MY FREE SPEECH IS NOT NEGOTIABLE".

In the past few years, Jones ran failed political campaigns for Quartzsite Town Council, Quartzsite Mayor, La Paz County Supervisor and Arizona State Representative Dist. 5. Jones became famous when the 2011 video of her being removed from a town council meeting went "viral." Jones stated she retired from her dog grooming business in the spring of this year.

In her latest claim, Jones alleges Golden-Bear (along with other defendants):
"Violated the First Amendment Right to Free Speech, Press and Assembly; First Amendment Right to be Free from Retaliation; Fourth Amendment Right to be Free from Unreasonable Search and Malicious Prosecution; Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress; Conspiracy to Violate the Constitutionally Protected Rights of the Plaintiff; see paragraph 66. Intentional Interference with Contract; Violating of Equal Protection by Singling out Plaintiff for Unequal Treatment for no other Reason Other Than Malice, as a Class of One."

Jones is seeking compensatory and punitive damages, along with "attorney's fees" and also demands a jury trial.

As of today, Desert Messenger has not been able to confirm that any defendant has been legally served a summons in this case. See below for the full document.

On a personal note: There is much more I would love to say about a self-proclaimed Free-Speech-Advocate tabloid publisher filing a federal court claim against me for publishing an Official Press Release issued by the Town of Quartzsite, but I won't... for now!

© Desert Messenger 2014

jones vs parker
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Arizona DPS set to increase presence during Labor Day weekend

The main focus will be DUI, Speed, 

Aggressive Drivers, and Restraint Use

 During the Labor Day weekend, travelers will see an increased presence of Highway Patrol Officers across the state of Arizona. The Highway Patrol Division developed a statewide campaign aimed to save lives by enforcing state laws and removing DUI drivers. Several of the operations across Arizona are funded by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.
Northern Arizona
The northern patrol bureau will have full staffing during the Labor Day Weekend. In addition to the regularly scheduled officers, there will be additional aviation speed enforcement details and several DUI saturation patrols.
The Highway Patrol will also be part of the Safety Corridor along I-17 between Black Canyon City and Cordes Junction. The purpose of this partnership between the Department of Public Safety (DPS), the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), and various fire departments along that portion of I-17 is to quickly respond to and remove blocking crashes. This will ensure the best response time and minimize the traffic impact in the area.
Metro Phoenix
Along with regular patrol officers, Highway Patrol officers will be participating in two DUI details in the east and west valley. There will also be designated speed details focusing on known criminal speeding locations.
Southern Arizona
The southern patrol bureau will be conducting a 10-mile detail focusing on maintaining a constant presence along our highways to deter fatigued drivers as well as decrease response times. By positioning officers across the entire southern half of the state, we will be able to quickly respond to crashes and constantly enforce state laws. Officers will also be participating in DUI saturation patrols along with other agencies.
The Department of Public Safety and its highway patrol officers will continue to be vigilant in protecting the lives of travelers along our highway system.

For more information visit


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