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Quartzsite, Arizona

Friday, July 20, 2012

Town of Quartzsite responds to allegations made by Council Member Pat Workman

Quartzsite, Arizona - The Town of Quartzsite released a statement statement in response to Council Woman Pat Workman's complaint filed with Arizona Attorney General's Office. Workman's complaint alleges that Town Manager, Alex Taft, misused public funds and "exceeded her authority in disbursement of funds" regarding the investigation of voter fraud in recent elections. 

The town hired private investigating firm, Ron Hergert Consulting of Phoenix, to investigate alleged voting irregularities. In her complaint, Workman claimed $30,000 has been spent on the investigation. During the July 16th Town Council meeting, Workman questioned an $11,000 check to the investigators from the agenda and council tabled it until the next meeting. Workman said the town code (Sections 3-4-1 D & E) require contracts over $5,000 be approved by the council.

Since being sworn in on June 6th, Workman has questioned two checks to the investigators, one for $6,738.44 and $11,018.61. She also attended a protest at the state capitol, in support of mayor-elect Ed Foster, holding the sign, "They stole my vote!" while making a public plea for assistance in resolving the town's election crisis.

Taft responded to the allegations with the following press release: 

"Allegations have been made that procurement of professional services by the Town
Manager were made in violation of Town Code Procurement Policies and/or without lawful
authority. Contrary to these allegations, an investigation is being conducted by the Town
Attorney as authorized by Arizona Revised Statutes Section 16-1021 which has
necessitated the engagement of professional investigative services. This assistance was
procured pursuant to Quartzsite Revised Town Code Section 3-409 which permits contracts
with professional service providers apart from the standard bidding requirements of
Quartzsite Revised Town Code Article 3-4. The procurement of these professional services
is substantially related to the authority granted to the Town Attorney by the Arizona
Legislature and the services were lawfully procured.

"The Town Attorneys' investigation is ongoing and the information obtained at this point
will remain confidential to prevent the destruction of evidence and to protect those whose
activities, while apparently suspicious, may yet prove to be lawful. The Town is working
diligently toward acquiring prima facie evidence of voter fraud and hopes to gain the
assistance of the Arizona Attorney General, the Arizona Secretary of State and/or the
United States Department of Justice in bringing those individuals who voted illegally to


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