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Quartzsite, Arizona

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quartzsite represented at Focused Future II - La Paz County, Arizona

Parker, AZ - Community members, local government officials and staff attended the APS Sponsored Focused Future II Economic Development Town Hall Meeting on June 13, 2012. 

Of the almost 70 participants, Quartzsite was represented by 10 community members, including Council members Mike Jewitt and Patricia Anderson (both also of Quartzsite Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition-QSAPC) Town staff members Al Johnson and Nora Yackley, Pastor Bruce Swart (of First Assembly of God Church, QSAPC and PNQ), Norm Simpson (of Mountain Quail Cafe, Bouse Chamber and AZ Outback), Shanana Rain Golden-Bear (of Desert Messenger, PNQ, QSAPC, and AZ Centennial), Richard Trusty (of Nature's Nuggets, PNQ and AZ Centennial), residents Mark Goldberg (of Art Guild and PNQ), and Dennis Wall (of PNQ).

The jam packed event had attendees addressing difficult questions such as
~ How do we work together as a community?
~ How are we strengthening our community's ability to solve problems?
~ Prioritize Strategies to improve: 
   - Business Development, 
   - Hospitality and Tourism, 
   - Healthcare and 
   - Promoting Quality of Life and Livability.

The busy event kept the group working during lunch, preparing for the afternoon presentations. Participants left with a sense of hope for the future of La Paz County, but knowing there is much work to do.

The La Paz Focused Future II program was co-sponsored by APS and the La Paz Economic Development Corporation. The lunch everyone enjoyed was sponsored by about a dozen businesses and organizations from across the La Paz area, as listed on the last page of the document below. 
The following is the report with details of the meeting, goals and strategies.

Focused Future II La Paz County


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