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Quartzsite, Arizona

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Quartzsite Visitor Guide now online!

Quartzsite, AZ - The new 2015-2016 Quartzsite Visitor Directory & Business Directory debuted at League of Arizona Cities & Towns Conference in Tucson. For the first time, over 30 cities, towns and chambers were given copies of the Guides during the conference to take back into their communities. Plus Council Member Carol Kelley distributed many as she traveled from town to town afterwards. The new Guides are now available at Town Hall for distribution. 

Publisher Shanana Rain BearCat, of Desert Messenger, took on this year’s publication after the previous publisher opted out of the project. BearCat stated, “I’m excited to provide a fresh new look for the guide. In the past only 20,000 copies were printed. This year, 50,000 copies were printed and we added 16 more pages.” 

With additional pages, there is more information Quartzsite visitors are seeking. The Business Directory is now in two sections; by categories and by name to make it easier for customers to find a local business. The Quartzsite Map was redesigned with Show Locations and Town Park Points of Interest. Readers will lean about the History of Hi Jolly Cemetery, the new Arizona Peace Trail and Sites to See in and around Quartzsite. 

BearCat continued, “It was a pleasure working with Town Manager Skylor Miller and his Staff on this project. It could not have happened without them!” 

The Digital Edition of 2015-2016 Quartzsite Visitor Guide is now available online at 

To arrange for pick up, call Janet at Town Hall, 928-927-4333.  
Quartzsite Town Hall is located at 465 N. Plymouth Ave. Quartzsite.


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