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Quartzsite, Arizona

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July and free summer eBook for your enjoyment

Editorial by Shanana Rain Golden-Bear
Quartzsite, Arizona

Happy Independence Day!

As we celebrate our Independence today, I want to share with you a wonderful project I am involved with called "The Gratitude Book Project: My Favorite Summertime Memory!"

It's an eBook full of fun and poignant stories celebrating the joys of summertime - from trips to the shore to sweet, juicy mangoes and "crummy" family reunions.

Download your free eBook here!

It features 70+ authors of past and present editions of The Gratitude Book Project,
this time answering "What is your favorite summertime memory?"

My article is about my annual preteen trips to visit my grandparents halfway across the country. It's on Page 49. The memory made me smile, and hope you do too!

The "summer shares" are guaranteed to make you smile and laugh - and maybe bring back a favorite summertime memory for yourself, too!

Pick up your free eBook here!


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