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Quartzsite, Arizona

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Quartzsite's Jennifer "Jade" Jones fired from Planning and Zoning Commission

By Shanana Rain Golden-Bear

Quartzsite, Arizona - In a 5 minute Special Meeting held today at 1 pm, the only item on the agenda was "to rescind the appointment of Jennifer Jones from the Planning and Zoning Commission."

For the first time, Jones offered the invocation, which surprised many in attendance. Foster said there might be another lawsuit, and suggested they adjourn and not take any action. Council Member Mark Orgeron made the motion, and Council Member Mike Jewitt seconded.

Jewitt sponsored the item and had originally nominated Jones for the Commission. Jewitt stated he "did so in the hope that involving her in the governance of the town, it would possibly help her to understand how the Town is run. It seems I was wrong."

The Quartzsite Town Council voted 4 - 2, with Foster and Pat Workman voting nay. (1 vacant seat)

Late Tuesday, Jones "served" a Notice of Claim to the Town of Quartzsite. The special meeting was called Wednesday morning. See below for details:

Jones Notice of Claim

Another interesting document for today's meeting reveals that Jones has still not filed her Campaign Committee Termination Statement for the May 2012 election: 

Quartzsite & Jones campaign finance issues

Another document (see below) released to Quartzsite Town Council members today reveals Jones' emails sent to Arizona Attorney General's Office communicating as a Planning and Zoning Commissioner. Bruno states Jones "should have provided a copy of her email to the Town Clerk's office as well as to the other P & Z Commission members."  

Jones communication with AZ AG's office

In a Facebook posting earlier this week, Jones openly advocated to "recycle the 'Mess' [Desert Messenger, Quartzsite's FREE Community Paper] by the bundle and the armload".  Desert Messenger, the publisher and contributing photographer are often targets in Jones' editorials, articles and political cartoons. 

Jones publishes a tabloid in Quartzsite, however she holds no business license. She has stated multiple times that she doesn't need a license to "give away free papers." However, Quartzsite Town Code 8-2-1 states, "It is unlawful for any person to carry on any trade, calling, profession, or business... without first having procured a license from the town." 

Nationally there have been over 500,000 copies of free student newspapers stolen since 2000, according to records complied by the Student Press Law Center. Colorado law makers are currently considering a bill to reclassify the theft of free newspapers. 

Being such a vocal proponent of Free Speech, and a publisher of a free paper, surely Jones must be aware of the many articles against newspaper theft listed on First Amendment Center's website:


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