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Quartzsite, Arizona

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quartzsite hits the front page of LA Times!

As the owner of the Reader's Oasis Book store Paul Winer is one of the most interesting characters in Quartzsite because most of the time he walks around (nearly) nude. (Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times)

"Arizona Desert Town Clings to its Quirkiness" is the title of a new article written by Kate Linthicum, of the Los Angeles Times, who visited Quirky Quartzsite earlier this year. The article is dated Saturday, April 16, 2011, however it hit the wires Friday afternoon. Tweets, phone calls, Facebook postings were already being made by the time the paper hit the streets! Lots of buzz around town!
The link to the video is:

The full story on Quartzsite is found below. Even though some of the facts are incorrect, Quartzsite is receiving some unique attention.,0,575043.story

Desert town clings to its quirkiness


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