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Quartzsite, Arizona

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bit of History of the Desert Messenger

Quartzsite, Arizona has a FREE Community Paper, called the Desert Messenger. It was founded by Walt Akin, who is now the "Acting" Mayor of Quartzsite. Walt began the paper on October 1, 2004. His last issue was in May, 2008. After taking the summer off, I began publishing the Desert Messenger again. I redesigned the look and feel of the paper, keeping the positive focus Walt had built. The Desert Messenger is published twice a month, October though May. This year, there is an extra publication on Dec. 31, as the season really starts to kick in!

Here is my first EDITORIAL published on October 1, 2008:

As you know by now, I am the new publisher/owner of the Desert Messenger. Walt Akin has "passed the torch" to me! To clarify, Walt Akin gave me this business and this incredible opportunity. Walt has built a great foundation for this paper and I plan on building on that. This was not exactly what I had in mind when we had lunch together back in the spring. After 4 seasons of being a waitress at La Casa Del Rancho in Quartzsite, "serving the people", my body told me to pay attention to it and do something different. I sent out a prayer asking, "How can I still be of service to the people of Quartzsite?" Evidently, Walt had put out his intention of finding someone to take over the paper. And here we are today!
In the Indian world, the richest person is not the one who has the most "stuff". It is the one who gives away the most. Walt Akin is to be honored for his generosity and his "give away". During the summer I saw the movie, "Pay it Forward", a wonderful story about a young boy who truly believes he can make a difference in the world by helping someone, then that person "pays it forward" by helping someone else, and on and on. It’s a powerful movie with a heartfelt message. "Paying it Forward" in the Indian world is through our Give Away Ceremony and our way of life. In honor of Walt’s gift, I have gifted my vending business to a Sun Dance brother and his family. I tell this only to challenge you to "Pay it Forward" in your own life! When every citizen of Quartzsite begins "Paying it Forward" on a regular basis and doing their give aways, imagine the how much the town will be blessed and full of prosperity!
As you can tell, I’m a positive thinker and I like to have fun! Yeah, there’s negative stuff in the world, however, I know deep in my bones that the more we focus in on the positive, the more positive we will have in our lives. It’s just the way it is. Whatever you focus on you will attract more of that to you! So what do you want in your life?
I say, "Pilamaye" (Lakota for thank you) to Walt Akin!
- "Rain"


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