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Quartzsite, Arizona

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Quartzsite activities this weekend! Parade, Crafts, Soup, BBQ, Dances, Jams, more!

Lots of activities in Quartzsite this weekend!

It's going to be a great Yard Sale Weekend- all over town including 
Lutheran Church, RV Parks and multi-families. 

Check this week's Desert Messenger, ,for list on page 37.

Some events this weekend include QIA Craft Show, VFW Chiknik fundraiser at Fire Station, Soup & Chowder Festival fundraiser for Food Bank at QIA, and the Annual Christmas Light Parade down Main St. ending at Town Hall. Music Jams, Bingo at QIA, Dances at Senior Center and QIA, and lots more happening in Quartzsite!

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