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Quartzsite, Arizona

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quartzsite to hold runoff election for mayor in May

Quartzsite, Arizona - The Final un-official election results of March 13, 2012 were released by La Paz County this afternoon. 

After Tuesday's election it was reported Ed Foster was the winner, however according to Quartzsite Town Attorney, Martin Brannan, there will be a runoff for mayor in the May election. 

Foster originally held the lead with over 50% of the votes, but with the additional provisional votes, the percentage is now 49.84% to Lukkasson's 38.94%. Foster received 320 votes to Lukkasson's 250 votes. Jenny Mills received 61 votes (9.50%) and write-ins received 11 votes (1.71%). 642 votes were cast for the mayoral position. 

Candidates must win 50% of the votes plus one to win a seat outright in the primary. 

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