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Quartzsite, Arizona

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quartzsite Club Fair Thurs. Nov. 4, 10-2

Public Invited to get involved!

Quartzsite- On Thurs. Nov. 4, from 10-2 clubs and organizations will be set up at the Quartzsite Senior Center. Everyone is invited to meet and greet the many service organizations in town.

Quartzsite is a unique community that appeals to people from every walk of life. It is also a town that relies on its many volunteer clubs and organizations to make things happen. Our service organizations depend on volunteers whose desire is to help in any way they can.

Every club and organization in town could use a jolt of new blood- new ideas, new energy, and new volunteers to help share they load. Most people who belong to a club or organizations also belong to more than one, and it spreads them pretty thin sometimes. We need to get more people involved in our community to help keep these valuable organizations and clubs active!

We hope you will participate and join in helping to rejuvenate these much needed clubs and organizations. For more infomation, or to reserve a table for your organization, please call the Quartzsite Business Chamber of Commerce at 928-927-9321 or email


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