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Quartzsite, Arizona

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quartzsite power outage

Power in Quartzsite went out after an early am storm. APS said to expect the power to be out until after 4pm. Power was restored to the town just after 2pm. APS brought 10,000 lbs of bagged dry ice for residents. Police Chief Jeff Gilbert and QPD officers were directing traffic as hundreds of locals lined up at the Shell station. Isaiah 58 set up their restaurant as the only cooling center in town. They also gave out cases of bottled water.
Marilyn McFate jumped in the COPS (citizens on patrol) van and checked on the elderly and homebound, also informing folks of the arrival of the dry ice.
Most businesses remained closed, however court was in session and Judge Teri Frausto, in full robes, conducted business as usual. Town Hall employees were on hand answering the many phone calls.
By 11am Town Manager Alex Taft had already put in a full 8 hour day coordinating everything.
Lots of volunteers helped in many ways today. Great job everyone!!


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