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Quartzsite, Arizona

Monday, December 14, 2009

Quartzsite, the Rock Capital of the World

A very important event occured on Tuesday, December 8, 2009, when Acting Mayor Wes Huntly proclaimed Quartzsite, Arizona, as the "Rock Capital of the World" during the regular meeting of the Town Council.

Stating "the residents of Quartzsite, Arizona, are proud of our rich history of gold mining, prospecting, and love of rock...each year buyers and sellers from around the world are attracted to our region for the finest rocks, gems and minerals...and is the home of the nation's largest rock and gem club", Huntley went on to say that the "Town of Quartzsite, Arizona will continue to promote the community, and support those ideals and projects that will grow the distinction of our community as the "Rock Capital of the World"! A copy of the whole proclamation is posted at Town Hall for all to view.

Council member, Joe Winslow said, "We need to be proud of this, it's a big deal!" Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite (PNQ) invites "all residents, businesses, organizations and visitors to start claiming it in emails, letters, cards, advertising, etc. to tell the whole world what an amazing town this is!" said Starr BearCat, PNQ President.


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