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Quartzsite, Arizona

Monday, March 23, 2009

Quartzsite People to People Ambassador

The Quartzsite Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a "Quartzsite Grouch" Contest to benefit seventh grader, Zach Behrendt and other local students. Zach has been chosen to be a a Student Ambassador for People to People with plans on going to China this summer! People to People Ambassadors Program was founded in 1956 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The following is provided by the Chamber: Grouch Nominees – are nominated by at least 3 Grouch Sponsors (ensuring a consensus of three citizens) with the express permission of the nominee and a $50 Entry Fee – which 100% goes to the 2009 Scholastic Award – Zachary Behrendt’s trip to China. Voting – Voting will occur - at an event to be announced in advance before April 10th – where Grouch Sponsors will collect Pledge Votes ($1 Dollar Per Vote). ALL VOTES will be cast at the Event with Dollars collected, including Individual donations and credit card charges which will also be accepted. Grouch Garb – Groups and clubs will be encouraged to prepare and submit "Grouch Garb" to include a Crown, a Rod, a Cape and such other "presentable" accessories. A $25 Entry Fee will accompany all Grouch Garb submittals, and VOTES will be cast in Quarters (US $.25). Reigning Grouch Duties – The winning Grouch will be invited to participate at most events and other selected appearances throughout the year. Alternate Grouches may participate should the Reigning Grouch nominate substitute Grouches to appear in the grouch’s place. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or suggested Grouches, please call the Quartzsite Chamber of Commerce Event Info line 928-927-4416. All suggestions will be considered and decided by consensus. The Grouch Contest is proposed "all in fun… in good humor and jest", and we would hope the FUN can be shared by all – always. There is no personal offense, diminishment or derogatory inferences intended and we expect that mature adults can share some fun for the benefit of our Quartzsite students.


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